Horniman and the Walrus again

Another year passes, another visit to the Horniman Museum and Gardens in Forest Hill, and another chance for me to hold my daughters up in front of the Walrus. I’m getting weaker or La Serpiente is getting heavier – I’m not sure if I’ll be able to manage a whole decade of this.

I’ve also noticed that my lifting posture isn’t that great – leaning way too far back and stressing my spine when I should be planted more solidly. Something to work on for next year for sure.
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Cleaning things

In Singapore the water is pretty soft, but where my parents live it’s proper hard water, filtered through chalk and full of delicious limescale. So although they only installed their new shower a few years ago, it looks like this:

Feeling a little revolted, I got a bottle of white vinegar and a plastic bag, and then put the shower head in the vinegar in the bag, and went out for three hours. This is one of the easiest ways to clean things I’ve discovered.
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Legoland Windsor

This morning we drove from Slough to Legoland, somewhere amongst the many roundabouts of Windsor. The roadsigns take you on what seems to be an incredibly circuitous route through the countryside, before you finally drive up a big hill and negotiate the many car parks to find a space.

Almost everyone else will find the next two paragraphs irrelevant, but somebody at some point will try to get free admission to Legoland Windsor by using Asia Miles points. And they will receive a voucher via email. And they will probably take that to the ticket counters at Legoland Windsor. And then they too will spend a goddamn hour waiting to get the booking verified, because Legoland have never heard of Asia Miles because in this case it’s a booking processed through Viator, and for whatever wonderful reason they can think of, the voucher (a) doesn’t mention this and (b) doesn’t include any mention of the Viator booking reference, which is the only thing Legoland need in order to let you in.

So for an hour, La Serpiente would run over to me at the ticket window, her face always radiantly happy, and then we’d wait, and nothing would happen, and eventually I called Customer Service in Hong Kong, who told me the booking reference was on the voucher (what, printed in invisible ink?) and even went as far as reading out the Viator reference over the phone, while still claiming they’d emailed it to me. Legoland is meant to be about childlike, Danish fun, not Kafkaesque bureaucratic nightmares…
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Leaving Portugal for England

We left Foz do Arelho today and drove down to Peniche, a small outcrop of rock on the way to Lisbon. It was quite beautiful staring out at the Atlantic, but also it gave me horrendous vertigo to be on some rocks high above the crashing waves, so after we had enough pictures of the girls being cute, we drove back to the airport to drop the car off. Continue reading “Leaving Portugal for England”