Oculus Rift playtime

I sneaked into our Oculus Rift demo room today to see what all the fuss was about. I’d heard lots of negatives about Oculus as a VR platform; the resolution is not high enough, the thing is too damn big, it’ll make you nauseous, so I was expecting to be underwhelmed.

I put the headset on. For something that looks so big, it’s surprisingly comfortable. Within a few seconds, I didn’t realise I had it on. I then faffed about for five minutes trying to play a game, and not figuring out the controls. Everything was bright and cartoonist and not realistic, yet at the same time there was a solidity to the objects I was (trying) to react with. I blundered into a demo of a 3D real time strategy game, where all I seemed to do was crash my giant robot into mountains.

And then I turned around.
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The outdoor indoor track

This evening I ran from the office to the National Stadium, a not particularly pleasant mile and a half along the side of a highway in constant drizzle. The rain would make the track slippery, but the National Stadium also has a track under the eaves of the stadium building, sponsored by 100 Plus (and painted in the corporate colours of red, blue and green) so I ran there instead.
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Dressing up

Today was United Nations Day, so all the children at school were meant to dress up in their national dress. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a Royal Canadian Mounted Police outfit for her to wear, and she was unhappy with her alternative, a red skirt and a Canada T-shirt. Instead, she demanded to go to school in her kimono. Which, if nothing else, signifies that the Japanese lessons are having some effect.
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