Worn down, worn out

At nine, I awoke, at least technically. While I emerged from the bed and moved around the apartment, gathering breakfast and rearranging dirty cutlery, it was little more than a facsimile of a fugue state, a poor photocopy of a somnambulist’s wanderings. I was exhausted, that bone-deep fatigue that robs you of any hope that your existence will ever improve, where all you can think of is going back to bed. Saturdays like this aren’t joyful rainbows of relaxation, they’re stagnant puddles in a slough of respond.
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Struggling with email

There was a concert in the square beneath our apartment this evening. It started at around 6:30 and concluded at 10:30. I think it was a concert, but it could have been the first ever commercial spaceship full of Chinese tourists, preparing for launch into outer space; incredibly loud, with a myriad of flashing lights and every five minutes a demented electronic riff, like a madman slamming his hands on a Casio keyboard from the 1980s, to announce the start or end of each song/preflight check.
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Out and about

This morning we had a visit to the opthalmologist. After that, I dispatched wife and baby to retrieve the stroller, which was now fully repaired, and I went back to the office, still struggling with my blurry vision. I’m still not sure if it’s the drugs, the backpain or the sleep deprivation that’s sending my sight funny. If only I got some interesting visual effects. Although I doubt I’ll be saying that once in hallucinating dragons.
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A Day Out

Miraculously, my back pain had cleared up by this morning, so my flight to Kuala Lumpur wasn’t an agonising experience, trying to cram myself into a poky seat for an hour. At ten o’clock in the morning, the arrival hall at KL LCCT was rather crowded, and although there was a queue of people lined up for the passport check, other people kept pushing their way past and barging to the front of the queue. Nobody seemed to complain about this, but it made me very cross, brought up as I have been with proper queue discipline. I wondered if I should just follow their example and push past everyone myself, but then I tried thinking happy thoughts instead and considered what would happen if I got disqualified for shoving.
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Backing up

My back didn’t miraculously improve overnight, so I trudged over to the doctor’s, in hope of a referral to a physio. Instead, I got two different kinds of muscle relaxants, and then I went home, where by the twin miracles of telecommuting and working for a company that allows that, I managed to do all the tasks Monday demands of me. It was somewhat hardgoing; I had to contend with blurred vision, though I’m not sure if it was the pills sending me cross-eyed, or the pain in my back, or the lack of quality sleep. Whatever it was, I couldn’t see straight until about 7 this evening. I have a meeting tomorrow in a foreign country and I’m hoping I don’t have to worry about not looking right.
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