Behind bars

I finished assembly of the cot today, putting the second side up to ensure Felicity stayed in place. It was necessary; now she can crawl, she’s close to be capable of clambering from cot to bed to dashing her brains out on the cold, hard floor, so up went the bars. Initially, she seemed quite copacetic about this enclosure, but problems came when we tried to put her to bed.
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Drunk in the sunshine, drunk in the moonlight

It’s Chinese New Year’s Eve, and that must have signified some kind of moon-driven lunacy. I got up at six this morning, went for a run, and got as far as the river when I happened upon a man yelling the Oedipal compound noun at another man, while a small woman clung to the first man and screamed and screamed. When she kept screaming, I turned round and started running back toward them, and in those two minutes the second guy had evaporated and the first one had removed his shirt, while the woman was stomping away. Not so much sterile, Asia-lite Singapore, more Cardiff at 2am on a Friday night. Was this some sort of reinvention for the tourists?
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Bedtime stories

Last night I stayed up, recording a bedtime story for my daughter. This is for some time in the future when I’m away travelling on business, so she doesn’t miss me reading to her. I managed about 4% of Colson Whitehead’s superlative Zone One, which I discovered via an excerpt in Harper’s a long while ago. I’ve reread Zone One several times; every time I get something else out of this bizarre mishmash of zombie film cliche and high literature. It taught me the word “deracinated”, and on this read-through “mephitic”. Worryingly, in 25 minutes I only recorded 4% of the story, which means it will take almost another ten hours to get the rest stored up. On the positive side, that’s plenty of reading for Felicity to listen to. If you’d like me to read Zone One to you, or any of your children/parents/animals, get in touch and I’ll share the recording with you. As long as I’m not breaching any copyright, I guess… And if you think po-mo zombieiterature is ok.
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More spreadsheets, spreadsheets, spreadsheets

It’s been a few weeks since I started playing around with Google Spreadsheets, as an alternative to Microsoft Excel. What’s odd is how, when Google is about all things touch screen, and Microsoft’s heritage is in computers with real keyboards and mice, that Excel feels more suitable for a touchscreen. ‘Twasn’t always so.
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Easy Sunday

Tonight was Peter Jackson night again: this time, I persuaded my wife to watch The Frighteners, his 1996 ghost film, a sort of ramshackle reworking of Ghostbusters with Michael J Fox, an Andie McDowell lookalike and Gary Busey’s son as an unhinged ghostly murderer. I’d forgotten that it starts with quite a scary opening, and is full of death and mutilation, despite the film being categorized as "Comedy" in the iTunes store. I wonder if Meet The Feebles is categorized as "Children’s" or not.
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Spanish practices

Today we did conjugation of irregular verbs in our Spanish lesson, along with reflexive verbs. Reflexive verbs are things like llamarse, which in first person singular becomes me llamo (I am called); until today I hadn’t cottoned on to reflexive verbs having infinitives that weren’t things like ver or comer or salir; reflexive verbs all end with an “-arse”, possibly because they’re a pain in the backside to learn.

When I had this epiphany, I didn’t share it with the rest of my class.
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