80/20 Day Four

It hasn’t even been a week since I was last at 7Cycle, but it feels like an eternity after all the running I’ve been putting in. I was still pretty tired after last night’s track session (my Garmin told me I needed about 48 hours of recovery) and when I got home last night, it was again to be presented with a squawking baby who only went to sleep when she was lying on top of me. Farting. So truth be told, I wasn’t intending on pushing things too hard this lunchtime.
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80/20: Day Three

You only do three things to be good at a sport: train really diligently, eat really well and sleep lots. Consistently. For a very long time. Oh, and a good genetic inheritance, financial independence and some good luck probably help, but concentrate on the things you can change first.

Last night, La Serpiente Aquatica Negra did her best to sabotage the third pillar of my training formula. She waited until about 11:30, then started yelling. And yelling. And yelling. We’re trying not to feed her until at least midnight, but that makes her madder and madder, which results in more and more yelling. Fearing for my wife’s mental wellbeing, I ushered her out of the bedroom and tried to settle my daughter. Who kept yelling. And yelling. And yelling.
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Slow start

Today was the first day of my new running regimen. I got out of bed (well, off the sofa) at 6am, checked my heart rate (45 bpm) and then got dressed and went out for a run. A ponderous, slow run, my legs heavy from last night’s effort. Even if I’d wanted to go faster, I doubt I would have persuaded my legs to move any quicker. I jogged up to the river, ran through Clarke Quay, deserted this early in the morning, and then took the slow route back home, finishing about 28 minutes after I started. Then back home, into the shower, and then I started sweating.
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80/20 Running

Yesterday I bought 80/20 Running, Matt Fitzgerald’s latest book of training advice for long distance runners. The basic idea is quite simple: you run eighty percent of the time at easy pace and twenty percent at a hard pace. Of course, that’s not going to be enough to fill the pages of a book, and defining what you mean by easy and hard paces is a complicated matter, and Fitzgerald also wants to say a few things about what he sees as fads in fitness and running, so the book has quite a bit more detail.
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Spun out again and taxis

This morning I went to a spinning class, for the first time in almost two weeks. I was worried I’d spend the whole 45 minutes hawking up phlegm, butvi survived without any disgusting moments. I also managed to surpass my previous best maximum wattage (over 600 watts for the first time, if we can believe the console on the bikes) and afterwards I felt quite pepped up by the experience.
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