Counting down to the weekend

Tonight my wife went out for drinks, while I spent three hours downloading Lightroom to install on my Surface. La Serpiente Aquatica Negra was very cooperative in this process, going to sleep without a murmur before eight o’clock and remaining silent ever since. I lay on the sofa, feeling bloated: my wife had ordered two pizzas for us to eat this evening, and because I was stressed and tired, that’s what I ate. Luckily tomorrow is Saturday, which means getting up early and cycling out to the East Coast for the parkrun, which should burn off some of those mozzarella calories.
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The longest 35 minutes

This evening was muggy; it had rained in Chinatown, but Singapore’s incredibly local weather meant that the track by the Botanic Gardens hadn’t seen a spot of rain. It was still oppressively humid. Or perhaps that was all the heat trapped by my burgeoning beard.

Tonight was the last session of our four week cycle: 20 minutes, then a 4 minute rest, then another 5 minutes, a one minute rest and a last five minutes. Every different session is hard for a different reason – the constant stop-go of the 6×5 minutes is a repeating horror – but this is difficult because there’s no respite for those first twenty minutes, no pause to get water or to adjust. Trying to remove my shirt and maintain a steady lap pace wasn’t exactly easy.
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Fighting against the sleep

This morning reveille was at six a.m., when our daughter decided it was time to get up and start yelling. Since I was up and had nothing else to do, I went off for a half-hour run, after which I helped prep the child, before we all went out for the best eggs in town at Ronin.
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Microsoft Wireless Display Adaptor

While in the States, I bought some new toys for myself, including a Microsoft Wireless Display Adaptor. That’s a long and imposing name for what could be more easily called a Magic Invisible Monitor Cable. But then Microsoft have never been famous for catchy marketing.
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Slipping between time zones

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve been through Narita. Tonight, because of the delay leaving JFK, there was only an hour between arriving at the gate and when my onward flight to Singapore was scheduled to depart. I rushed through security and down to the gate, only to find the departure had been moved back because they hadn’t got a plane yet.
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