We moved today, the culmination of a stressful week of packing things into boxes and shuttling back and forth between apartments. Today a team of men wearing indoor football shoes and matching tshirts arrived and grappled with all the bulky furniture and other cumbersome objects we were incapable of shifting ourselves. I didn’t have any coffee all day and I didn’t eat anything substantial until 3pm, so I was reduced to lolling on the sofa and watching other people toil. Middle class, much?
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Eggs is not always eggs

This morning I had an extra-early call at 7am, which got cancelled at 6:47am. Still, I was up anyway as La Serpiente Aquatica Negra had come into the bed to snuggle up to my face, so we decided to go to Ronin for breakfast. I put out daughter on my shoulders (after she’d waggled her little legs furiously and kicked me in the face) and then we walked a mile towards the best scrambled eggs in town.
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Spinning again

Today, having had no exercise this week apart from a run around the track on the 26th floor of my building (a mere 800 metres, rather than the rumoured 2,400) I went to 7cycle, for the first time in three weeks. They’ve changed the schedule around slightly, and instead of thr Thursday lunchtime slot being the usual Road session, it was 7Cycle’s "Signature" class.
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Getting away from people

After work and putting baby to bed, I went back to our old flat to do some packing and dismantle the bookshelves in the living room. In the lift, one of my neighbours recognised me (I thought shaving off my beard would serve as a good disguise) and asked where I was moving to. He mentioned that the new HDB we’ve moved to is less open than the one we used to live in; instead of all the flats being served by a central bank of lifts, in the Pinnacle there are separate blocks with only four flats radiating off each set of lifts. There’s more privacy, but also less contact with your neighbours. No longer will we walk past the same people every day, because more than likely we’ll always miss our next door neighbours when they take the lift.
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From the fortieth floor

We got the keys for our new apartment at noon today, nineteen floors higher than the flat we used to live in. The extra height and the floor-to-ceiling windows give us a great view out across Chinatown and the Central Business District. To my surprise, we can clearly hear the traffic from ground level; back at out old place we were shielded from the road noise by other buildings. On the other hand, there should be a respite from Chinese New Year celebrations.
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This evening we went to see Kingsman, the latest collaboration between Mark Millar and Matthew Vaughn. Just like Kick-Ass, there’s hyper-violent scenes played a bit too much for humourous effect. My wife laughed uproariously throughout these, which makes me a little bit concerned.

Because I don’t like people making noise when I’m watching films in the cinema.
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