Stuck in phone hell

I’m trying to book flights to Hong Kong for the Easter weekend. I’ve got enough frequent flyer points for my wife and I, but I don’t have enough to pay for my daughter, and that’s a problem. It’s a problem because the designers of Cathay Pacific’s website never included the functionality there to book an infant onto a flight if they weren’t accompanied by a paying adult, perhaps assuming the kind of person with small kids won’t ever have a frequent flyer account.
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Back to the future

Travelling to Tokyo from Singapore is mostly painless. I got up at four, was in a taxi twenty five minutes later, and checking in at the airport before it was even five o’clock.

Mostly painless: no matter how slick you make the journey from bed to check-in desk, it still hurts to get up at 4 for a 6:55am departure. As it’s a flight on a US carrier, there’s an extra security step – a man in uniform asks you questions in a barely audible mumble, possibly catching out terrorists with hearing difficulties.

I did ask what was the latest I could check in. The customer rep didn’t understand my question, and told me I should come to Changi at least three hours in advance for an international flight, or two hours for a domestic. Who is flying out of Changi in order to get to Singapore? And do I really need three whole hours to mope at the airport, when that will get me there before the check-in desk is even open?
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There and back again

I stayed up late watching a disappointing film last night, and then with only five hours sleep in the bank had to get up and ride to the race. The thought crossed my mind of bailing out and going back to bed, but I was already awake and I knew if I did that, the weekend would be off to a bad start. Still, I faffed and faffed and only got on my bike at 6:30, which meant I had to go much harder than planned to make the start of the run in time. On the way there I had to avoid riding my bike straight through a community tribute to the recently deceased founding father of Singapore – imagine the trouble I’d have got in if I’d steamrollered through a floral tribute, even at sparrowfart o’clock when you wouldn’t expect many witnesses. There’s always be witnesses to that sort of socially offensive slapstick.
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Charged up

Tomorrow I’ve got the usual 5k to run at the East Coast, so to be prepared I went to pump up the tyres on my bike and check the lights worked. I bought a pair of cheap but very powerful bike lights in Sham Shui Po, home of Hong Kong’s most esoteric electrical goods, back in 2011, but unfortunately, after moving house twice, the battery charger has either vanished or gone into hiding in the bottom of a box somewhere.
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Proper preparation

Tonight I had a small epiphany, when my wife told me to fill up our daughter’s bottle with milk and put it in the fridge. All this week I’ve stumbled in the early hours to the fridge to fetch the bottle, in order to placate our howling child, and never once did it occur to me how there was always a full bottle of milk waiting there for me to give her.

Then again, if my wife hadn’t prepared that the night before every night, I would have wasted countless hours and pints of milk trying to make up a bottle while still three-quarters asleep. Even tonight, when I was basically awake, I screwed up screwing the top on the bottle and slopped milk over the table. But at least I’m now capable of preparing for calming The Beast at five a.m.
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Bon voyage

Today my parents and sister had their last day in Singapore. To celebrate the end of their holiday, I … stayed at the office until 7pm. This made me sad, because for the next two hours I was an inchoate mess of rage and frustration, rather than the loving son and brother that I should have been. On the positive side, they had La Serpiente Aquatica Negra to play with all the time, and she has a (mostly) more pleasant personality than I can muster. It’s been lovely to have them here, and for La Serpiente Aquatica Negra to meet them at this new stage in her life – I just wish I could have been more present.
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