I didn’t feel great this morning; a possible aftereffect of drinking a bucket of Hoegaarden, half a bottle of wine and three gin and tonics last night. But I wasn’t hungover; you don’t get to be hungover when you have a small and highly excitable child, intent on proving to you that she can name and distinguish yellow, purple and blue.
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Small Eruptions

This evening, after spending all day presenting what we’d worked on all weekend, I got to take the evening off and get something to eat. I was taken out to Etna, an Italian restaurant on the East Coast side of Singapore, where they served me a burrata as big as a cricket ball. You can serve me a burrata of any size and I’ll be happy, but this was particularly creamy and delicious. Unfortunately, I had to accompany it with a bottle of wine, a pint of beer and three gin and tonics, but nobody ever said that life would be easy.
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Of batteries, and frustration

Today my wife handed me Bedtime Bear, in a slight panic. It was approaching one p.m., La Serpiente Aquatica Negra had yet to nap, and Bedtime Bear, the little pink fluffy gadget that sings her to sleep (and thus haunts the family’s collective subconscious with a embarrassingly bad electronic rendition of Jesu, Joy Of Man’s Desiring), had flat batteries. Would anyone sleep?
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Where did all the buildings go?

We went to the zoo today, and when we came home, all exhausted and soaked with sweat from staring at different animals, my wife, my child and I all went to sleep. I woke first, and looked out the window to see incoming clouds.

At 3:32pm and 25 seconds, this is what I could see from my window:

A minute and three seconds later, I could see this:

And 20 seconds later, it looked like this:

13 seconds later, it looked like this and I had to shut the window to stop our living room from being flooded.​

Five minutes later, Singapore was basically invisible:

​So I decided to go back to bed, but at that point the thunder / the sound of God moving furniture upstairs started, and La Serpiente Aquatica Negra woke up and began to freak out.

Don’t worry though – within three hours, it looked like this again:

Isn’t weather in the tropics grand?

No coffee for Arctic Bill

For no reason I can think of, we stayed up until 1am last night, which meant I rode to the Parkrun today on even less sleep than usual. That’s one excuse for why I had a lousy time today (or at least well off my personal best) – on top of that there was the week I’ve had at work, the lack of training lately, and the cold I’m starting to come down with. At least I made it there and back, I suppose. We’ve got no hot water in the apartment until Tuesday due to a problem with our boiler, so I came home, had a cold shower and then we went out to Ronin to have breakfast. And to pretend to our daughter that her owl, Arctic Bill, was drinking a coffee.
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