Drunk as as a skunk

This evening I had a friend visit to take photographs from the top floor of our building. We spent about an hour fussing with tripods and then went drinking.

This may have been a bad idea. We started at Smith Street Taps in Chinatown, but that was shut so we went to an "artisanal" "craft beer" joint where they seemed to be serving up Tiger lager at triple normal price,before going down the street to a traditional Chinese hawker centre. Where we had traditional bottles of traditional Heineken beer.
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Bass notes

Today, our child growled at us. Proper deep, bass growls as if from a large dog or other carnivorous animal. We were trying to get her down for a nap (as with every Saturday morning for the whole of May, she kicked off at stupid o’clock in the morning and left us broken and sleep deprived all day) and she alternated her usual squeaks and babble with this vaguely frightening animal noise.
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An unexpected guest

Sitting on the sofa this evening, indolently recuperating from the day, I saw what appeared to be a very fat, round bodied moth fly up above our sideboard and then flutter down again.

"What was that?" my wife asked.

"A … moth?" I suggested.

We went over to look. It wasn’t a moth, it was what my wife had expected: a ginormous cockroach, standing on top of our pet rock.
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Today we had to get La Serpiente Aquatica Negra registered for preschool, and that requires (among other things) showing evidence that she’d had all her shots, and we weren’t a bunch of anti-vaccinationers trying to make everyone else’s kids get sick.

Fortunately, we have a book that records all the various jabs our daughter has had.

Unfortunately, we put it in a safe place when we moved. And then forgot where that was.
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A horse, of course

A few weeks ago we were walking down the footpath near our apartment building, and we saw a full sized plastic horse stood outside one of the houses. Writing that, I wonder if I’m being exact in my use of English. Is there a size that plastic horses should be, and the one we saw was that size? Or did I mean it was plastic, and the size of a full size horse? But then horses come in a multitude of sizes. It’s all very complicated.
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Pleasure and pain

This evening, my wife baked chocolate cupcakes. This morning, my daughter slept all the way through until 7am, rather than startling her parents with early morning shouting. And I left work on time and got home early enough to bounce my daughter on my knee before her bath time. Those were the good things today.
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