The Laziness Of The Long Distance Runner

MacRitchie Reservoir
Today I went back to MacRitchie Reservoir for an early morning run. It’s been a while since I ran there: there’s a bug on the Garmin website right now which means I can’t search it, but Strava thinks I haven’t run around MacRitchie since October of 2014. Which I suppose could be possible, as in 2015 I was doing a lot more around the Green Corridor and Mount Faber (apart from one ridiculous run where we went all the way to MacRitchie from Tanjong Pagar, a 24 kilometre epic…).

I didn’t go very fast today. I can blame that on not getting much sleep again (in bed at midnight meant I had less than six hours sleep, once you take out having to persuade La Serpiente back to bed at half past midnight, and again at just short of six a.m). I can blame it on not recovering properly from yesterday’s Parkrun. (Which is another way of saying I hadn’t got enough sleep.) Or I can bring up the almost complete lack of training volume that I’ve had over the past year, and point to that as a reason why I can’t keep my speed up.

Strava makes me feel particularly lousy, as it provides a handy graph to show me how much worse this effort was than ‘normal’:
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A bit of gentle Japanese music

Because La Serpiente is in Japanese classes at her pre-school, my wife asked the teacher to give us some of the songs that they sing, so we can sing them at home with her. A USB drive went off to school, and came back with some files, and today I got round to loading them onto my computer.

This morning I got up at 6 and ran over to the East Coast for the parkrun, so I was rather knackered. After the run I’d met up with my wife and the kids and an ex-colleague for brunch, so rather than doing what would have been sensible (going home and going back to bed) I’d deprived myself of sleep in favour of eating eggs and chocolate. So my mind wasn’t perhaps as strong as it should have been.

Thus I wasn’t as surprised as I should have been, when instead of Japanese folk songs about acorns, my computer began to blare fairly terrible Japanese hard rock. Well, all terrible hard rock sounds pretty similar, so I could just have easily said terrible hard rock with Japanese "singing".

Either way, La Serpiente was not very impressed by the Japanese equivalent of Whitesnake coming at her, when she had been expecting small children singing "domburi buri buri". How I never fail to disappoint my children…
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A dirty great trip to school

Today I had a phone call with Tokyo at eight in the morning, and as it’s Friday it’s also my turn to take La Serpiente to school, for nine.

Now, if I were both super organised and super lucky, I would conclude my call at 8:30, scoop her up from the living room floor at 8:31, stride straight to a lift that was waiting for me, get down to the third floor exit, get down to the road just as the pedestrian lights signal to go, cross the road to the bus stop … and still miss the bus by about five minutes.

Knowing all that, I called a taxi, and then La Serpiente and I went down to the car park and got in.
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Some minor frustrations

I had been planning to go for a run this evening, but what with not leaving the office until 7, and then having to feed and water the kids, and after La Serpiente went to sleep at 9, going back to the office to scan in some forms that I need for Destroyer’s insurance claim, and then coming home and losing half an hour of my life trying to log into my Paypal account, and only then getting a phone call from a client and spending another half hour setting the world to rights, it got to 11:45 in the evening without me feeling I’d really had a moment to myself.

But on the positive side, it’s been more than 24 hours without a vomitting incident, and I haven’t lapsed and eaten another Terry’s Chocolate Orange. Yet.
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Adventures in commerce, Chinese New Year edition

My life continues to be some slapstick extravaganza. Somebody appears to have adjusted the water pressure in the taps in the office toilet, so that every time I wash my hands my groin gets sprayed liberally with water and I have to hang out there until it dries out, or else go back into the office looking like I’ve soiled myself.

This evening, I came home to a feverish child and another one with a bunged up nose. La Serpiente went to sleep surprisingly quickly, but Destroyer wouldn’t go to sleep. After an hour and a half of her shrieks, I took pity on my wife, and took Destroyer out for a walk.
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Upchuck again

This evening I went for a short run after we’d got the kids to eat and after I’d eaten half a Terry’s Chocolate Orange, one of the last vestiges of Christmas chocolate left in the fridge. It is not a good idea to try to go running just after you’ve eaten half a Terry’s Chocolate Orange. It’s not a good idea to eat half a Terry’s Chocolate Orange in one go either, which is usually something you realise about a quarter of the way into a Terry’s Chocolate Orange, but by then you’re too high on the sugar and, riding a wave of nausea, all you can do is eat the rest of the thing and damn the consequences.
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