Socks and early wake up calls

I was woken this morning at 6:30 by La Serpiente, demanding that I go and lie on the floor in her room. Bless her, she did at least insist on dragging a pillow in to make it more comfortable for me to lie on. I had to explain to her (with lots of shouting and crying) that we wouldn’t be lying down to sleep, because it was time to get up and get ready for the school bus.

Somehow we stuffed her full of nutrition, got her dressed and got her down to the entrance to our building in time for her to be bundled into the minibus and sent on her way. My wife went off to a playdate with our youngest, and I went back to our flat to get on a series of calls, and wonder what I could do to be more industrious. I ended up tidying up the bed in the spare room, which has been partially obscured beneath books, half-read copies of the London Review of Books, USB cables, discarded sarongs and such, making it more and more difficult to sleep on every night. I even took a pair of compression socks that are too tight for me to wear, and put them up for sale on Facebook. I’m not sure if there is a market for second hand socks. If not, there’s a clothing recucling event every two weeks in our building, where they pay handsomely. Well, where they pay 30 cents for every kilogram of discarded clothing.
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Kallang Practice Track and other discoveries

track pace
This evening, after getting the battery in my Garmin heart rate strap replaced (my handy optician is back from his holidays, and was sufficently un-cack-handed to be capable of unscrewing the back of the monitor and replacing the battery) I went off to the track at Kallang. This has been operational for a while now, since they finished building the National Stadium over the road, but it’s still absolutely gorgeous. The track is soft and springy underfoot, the grass around the track is trimmed to perfection, and if you get there at 9pm because you spent the early part of the evening getting your kids to go to sleep, it’s eerily deserted and you can get your run in uninterrupted by other humanity. Unless you count the frisbee players practising on the infield. The only downside I can see is that they may have scrimped on money for the electricity meter: half the floodlights were turned off, so it’s dark at the 100m and 300m marks on the track. Perhaps I was meant to get there earlier.
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Constant drinking consequences

Everyone looks very concerned in this photo apart from La Serpiente
Everyone looks very concerned in this photo apart from La Serpiente

Today we had a cooking lesson for La Serpiente. A friend of ours took us down to the Tekka Market in Little India, where she got to pick out a selection of peppers, ginger and vegetables, and look at the massed ranks of squid waiting to be bought, and then went back to cook them up.

I was a little concerned about providing a child under the age of three with access to sharp knives, but as we had everything in close control, it wasn’t so scary. We chopped up some tomatoes and the peppers, and then as our daughter’s attention waned, we adults took over with the frying and stirring. We ended up with a perfectly serviceable curry, and a bunch of vegetable skewers as well, which I snaffled up most of, before taking the kids home and putting them to bed for their naps.
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Another Saturday

This morning we had a birthday party for a three year old to attend. That involved lots of prosecco (for us, not the kids) and after a couple of hours and a few games of pass the parcel, we returned home, where I promptly passed out on the bed. I don’t blame the alcohol – it must have been the emotional exhaustion of Gargantuan Cataclysm* screaming at me all the way home. I woke up about half an hour later, and immediately had a panic attack that the day was completely wasted – there I was, in bed at 1pm, having done nothing. Only after some careful thought did I realise I’d already woken up, gone to a children’s birthday party, drank some prosecco, lost at pass the parcel, and so on, and then the anxiety began to dissipate.
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The Nice Guys

We just got back from watching The Nice Guys, a film starring Scruffy Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe, but sadly no other avian-named actors that I recognized. I was quite worried that I’d be disappointed by it, but it had me hooked throughout, and chortling out loud in the final (ridiculous) action sequence.
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Short thoughts on nothing

I’m a bit tired today: my Fitbit registers over 23,000 steps today, although I’m not sure how I achieved that. Perhaps it wa the yomping across Singapore for a breakfast meeting, or rushing back for lunch, or sprinting home with La Serpiente in her stroller after lunch, or the library, or going to company drinks, or going running after that…it’s been a long day.

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Asterix The Legionary

This evening, rather than have any of the books we borrowed from the library, La Serpiente demanded a book from the top row of her bookshelf. That’s where we put all the books that are aimed at a person who isn’t three years old; Dinosaur Poop (a book you can’t find on Amazon, curiously enough), Watership Down and anything else with the wrong ratio of words to pictures. But she’d excelled herself at her swimming class today, and I didn’t fancy setting off a huge row, so when she asked for “the blue one” (an anthology of Asterix stories) I told her she could have it, but she couldn’t have any of her other books. Surprisingly, she acquiesced and we settled down to read the first in the volume: Asterix The Legionary.
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