Leaving so soon?

Today is my last official day with my current employer. I say last official day because I’ve had a week of holiday at the end, so instead of spending time in the office deleting emails and rearranging pencils on my desk, I’ve been living it up in the Maritimes. Although it’s been chucking it down with rain all day today, which has rather crimped my ability to celebrate.
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Those Across The River

Today I devoured Those Across The River, a horror story set in Depression-era America, somewhere in the South (my geography isn’t so great). I’d misinterpreted a review of this book as it being about vampires, which it isn’t, exactly – there’s nasty things across the river, but it’s not entirely clear what sort of mythology they fit into. But that hardly seems the important part.

It was great – very involving, with most pages drenched in the fetid heat of a summer many years ago. The first half of the book is mostly creeping dread about what terrible things will happen; when they eventually do occur, some of the power of the book dissipates, but it still works to a solid, gloomy ending. It’s not the sort of book that is afraid to slaughter the most sympathetic characters, or to avoid horrendous things happening to people.
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Ice Cream Football

The other day at MEC we purchased an ice cream ball. This was sold to us as a fun alternative to an ice cream machine; you fill up a football sized container with ice and ice cream ingredients, and then kick it around for 20 minutes until you have ice cream. I was immediately ready to buy one, but then we had to find a time and opportunity to use it.
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Spinning in Nova Scotia

After several years of visiting Nova Scotia and not getting round to it, tonight I went to a spinning class in Dartmouth. I’ve been going to 7Cycle in Singapore for over a year, but I’d never been to any other spinning class, so I was interested to see what the differences were.
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An easy Monday in Nova Scotia

Today we took the ferry across to Halifax again, this time so that I could exchange some shoes at MEC that were the wrong size, and so we could wander a bit on the other side of the water. I made the possible mistake of walking into the Lost Cod Clothing Company on the waterfront, and not leaving until we’d purchased 10 items of clothing emblazoned with different Nova Scotian brands from the previous century. (You can even buy tshirts with the Sysco logo on them, which the shop itself acknowledges commemorates a 30-year long environmental disaster. I prefer the overproof rum labels, myself.) But that does give us more stuff to pack and take back to Singapore with us.
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One way to start the morning

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This morning I had a 5k race on the salt marshes outside Halifax. I was looking forward to this because salt marshes are pancake flat, and the combination of that with the sensible weather of Nova Scotia would mean that my Singapore-given aerobic fitness would be put to its best use. Instead of having to contend with the heat and humidity, my lungs and heart could concentrate on making me run as fast as possible, and there would be no hills. How wrong I was.
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Happy birthday La Serpiente

To celebrate La Serpiente’s third birthday, we took the ferry from Dartmouth to Halifax and spent a fortune on outdoor gear at MEC. What says “happy birthday” better than seeing your father try on five different pairs of shoe, and then purchase an ice-cream maker in the shape of a football?

Well, La Serpiente was actually very happy, as MEC has lots of things for a three year old to jump off, and she got some new sunglasses out of the deal, so it wasn’t a complete deprivation for her. We took the ferry back, put the kids down to sleep, and then readied ourselves for the afternoon.
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