Consistently slower

Tonight was the first time that I managed to get to the track for this particular workout since before Destroyer was born, demonstrating once more the perils for your aerobic fitness of having kids. It was one of my not-particularly-favourite threshold sessions: 15 minutes at threshold pace, followed by 3 minutes rest, then 10 minutes, two minutes rest, and five minutes to finish you off.
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Legless in Singapore

I got a text from my wife this afternoon to say that she’d had to take Destroyer to the hospital. Worries filled my mind: this year she’s already had two nights in with constant vomiting, a bout of breathing difficulties and a high fever in the UK, so I was perversely relieved to hear it was ‘only’ that she’d fallen off a chair and banged up her ankle.
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And gone again

The haze had dissipated by this morning which was good, although my eyes were still sore and my nose snuffly. We were both exhausted; Destroyer was awake and burbling til past 3, and La Serpiente, moody like every threenager, had been up and down until the wee small hours. How I got to work without breaking down in tears I do not know.
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Blue Singapore once more

The haze has returned, an inconsistent blight upon the city. I check compulsively, obsessing over whether the PM2.5 count is above or below 100 for the past hour, either locking the windows shut against the pollution or opening everything up to let “clean” (below 100) air into the flat. The children, unused to being confined to quarters, are moody and uncooperative. At least as the sun sets, the extra particulates in the air provide a calming shade of blue.
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Champagne and board games

You know you’re in trouble when there’s champagne and there’s no special occasion apart from it being Saturday night. I think back to my young drunken rampage through a gay club in Kings Cross, bankers to the left of me, bankers to the right of me, bottles of champagne everywhere… where did the money go?) Tonight was fairly calm; we put the kids into the hands of our babysitter and then fled to our friends’ place, avoiding all parental responsibility.

In hand we had two games, King of New York and Exploding Kittens. With the benefit of hindsight it is clear that nobody enjoys their first game of King of New York because nobody knows what the hell is going on – second time and beyond it’s great, but I wonder how they ever have any repeat business. Well, clearly it’s people like me, hypnotised by cool graphics and the thought of laying waste to a major city. (And, of course, Captain Fish.)
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Games Day

Today was Games Day, so instead of going to the office we trooped down to the beach in Sentosa Island. Unfortunately, the haze was blowing in. When I got up this morning, there was a strong smell of burning in the house but the air quality reading was just 60, so I assumed it was overenthusiastic immolations for the Hungry Ghost Festival that was producing the smell. By midday today it was at 230 (above 100 you should stay indoors and avoid strenuous exertions) so at least we know my feeling ropey for the past few days isn’t because I’m down with a disease. It’s just Singapore that’s killing me. But still, we had Games Day.
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