Lost in California

Tonight I visited a friend for a dinner consisting almost entirely of cheese, then ordered an Uber to take me home. Almost all Ubers are Toyota Priuses (Prii? Pria?) driven by people of indeterminate identity (the pictures just aren’t that clear). Tonight, I had Winnie, who was a person wearing a baseball cap, driving a Prius. I had the joy of watching him on my screen, making his way towards me.

The car drew closer and closer to my friend’s house. Then it drove on. Then it took a long loop of the neighbourhood, approached the house again – and then vanished. The app told me to try to book with a different car.
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New socks please, we’re British

This evening I felt pretty lousy, but as I’d bought a new pair of socks I had to go out for a run. There’s a 5k loop from the Best Western around Stanford University, and although it was dark outside and I wasn’t that clear on where I was going, it was much more fun to be outside running than the horror fest that has been running on a treadmill in the work gym.
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Not learning from previous mistakes

I went to the gym again today, although I’d learned from last week’s error and didn’t go before work. Instead, crochety at my lack of sleep, I went to work first, then went to the gym in the evening, and still felt fairly dreadful. My Garmin watch continues to show nothing but contempt for me, again claiming that I ran less than half a kilometre in 16 minutes. Perhaps it just hates running machines.
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