Not just my dessert

I went to the track tonight to run another interval session; this time five lots of 1200m, with each repeat done in 7 minutes. The slower you are, the more punishing this becomes because you have less recovery time, and so it was for me: I managed three sets, the last with the wheels falling off completely, before packing it in and running around the track at slow, slow pace to at least get the miles in. I guess yesterday (and the eight days preceding it) really did wear me out.
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Running without much power

This morning I was meant to go for a run with a friend at 7, but his alarm didn’t go off and so I waited on my sofa until almost 8 for him to turn up, before I had a most horrid run. The weather conditions were good – overcast, but not raining – but I was dreadfully tired from yesterday. I was running with my power meter, and trying to keep to a low power output because I knew I was tired, but even going as slowly as I could up every hill, I was still well in the “you’re going super fast” zone. Except I was running at about 7 minute kilometre pace, which is more than two minutes slower than my goal race pace. Even my slow recovery pace is usually a minute or so faster than that, so I’m not sure if the power meter has gone crazy, or if I have an incredibly inefficient gait (where my arms and legs flounder without my heart rate rising significantly) or what can be going on.
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A long fast day out

This morning I ran the parkrun thirty seconds faster than last week. I’d worried after all that long, slow running that all I’d be able to do was more slow running, but I kept a fairly creditable pace: I held back on the first lap to stay at a 4 minute km, then didn’t collapse on the rest. Afterwards, I jogged up to the nearest Starbucks for a coffee (decaffeinated) then got a car back to the city. I stank of decaying vegetables, but that’s the peril of a vegetarian diet.
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At the National Gallery again

It’s Deepavali in Singapore this weekend, and that means a day off. With my previous employers, we’d always get the following Monday off, but now we get the preceding Friday off instead. That meant I could push La Serpiente Aquatica Negra to school in the running stroller, and then run her back in the afternoon. I didn’t realise that the hot weather and my tired legs would conspire to brutalise me on this journey, even though I seemed to get to the school in record time. I recovered by eating cupcakes, then ran home without the stroller, showered and got changed into proper clothes and went to get Destroyer to her music class.
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A slow run up a hill

I wore my compression tights while I slept last night, and I got a decent seven hours of uninterrupted sleep, but I still woke up exhausted. It turns out you can’t always defy the strains of an increased training load. And so it was that when I went out running this evening, a simple journey to the top of Mount Faber and back turned into a grinding trudge.
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Oculus Rift playtime

I sneaked into our Oculus Rift demo room today to see what all the fuss was about. I’d heard lots of negatives about Oculus as a VR platform; the resolution is not high enough, the thing is too damn big, it’ll make you nauseous, so I was expecting to be underwhelmed.

I put the headset on. For something that looks so big, it’s surprisingly comfortable. Within a few seconds, I didn’t realise I had it on. I then faffed about for five minutes trying to play a game, and not figuring out the controls. Everything was bright and cartoonist and not realistic, yet at the same time there was a solidity to the objects I was (trying) to react with. I blundered into a demo of a 3D real time strategy game, where all I seemed to do was crash my giant robot into mountains.

And then I turned around.
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The outdoor indoor track

This evening I ran from the office to the National Stadium, a not particularly pleasant mile and a half along the side of a highway in constant drizzle. The rain would make the track slippery, but the National Stadium also has a track under the eaves of the stadium building, sponsored by 100 Plus (and painted in the corporate colours of red, blue and green) so I ran there instead.
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