An exceedingly busy day, ending with chocolate

It’s been a busy day.

At six, La Serpiente awoke and so we gave her lots of snacks and then she and I went down to the West Coast Park for our run. My friend Gil was there with his dog, Jack, for the inaugural round of the stroller Parkrun challenge, competitors: 2.

We both started very fast; surprising most of the other runners. After the first kilometre we were neck and neck, about fifth or sixth overall, but I began to fade. Gil, advantaged by a dog which weighs less than La Serpiente’s fifteen kilos, beat me by more than a minute (even after stopping twice to do up his shoes) but forgot his barcode, meaning I hold on to this dubious crown for one more week.
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Cold days

This morning, still feeling tired, I forced myself to go for a run; one that turned out to be quite tough. I then made life harder for myself by going to work in shorts – after all, I do live in a tropical country.

But I work in an air-conditioned office, and it feels like it’s calibrated not by anything as obvious as a thermostat, but by an equation relating to the heat generated by several hundred people being in the office at once. Since there were less than ten people on my floor today, I think that explains why it was freezing cold and my body was constricted, shivering to try to keep me warm.

Or I ate too many crisps, and that’s why I felt rough when I got home this afternoon.
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A visit to the Consulate

Today we went to renew Destroyer’s passport, an easier process than in the past because I’d actually read the small print on the application and realised that if I applied for my daughter’s passport, my wife could guarantee Destroyer’s identity, rather than us having to track down a doctor or lawyer who has known her for at least five years.

Destroyer is 18 months old in two days, so that would always have been a struggle.
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New shoes: Brooks Launch 3

After five months of them languishing in a cupboard, I’m finally putting these beauties on tomorrow and taking them for a run. I was seduced by their blinged up colours while I was at a pop-up running shop in Menlo Park in the summer, and now, with my battered Lunarglide 4s reaching the end of their lifetime, it’s time to let these take a turn.
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Assassin’s Creed

I got a good haul of presents this year: socks and pants, which make me inordinately happy, lots of sweets, a recipe book, a nice shirt and a t-shirt, and two tickets to the Gold Class cinema in Singapore, which is like the normal cinema, except the seats are huge, they give you a blanket, and they bring meals to you. There’s not much on between Christmas and New Year; we’d already seen Rogue One, Pasengers has had all the plot spoiled to me, and so Assassin’s Creed seemed the least worst alternative. (I’ve had an obsession for watching dreadful films made out of video games for quite some time, although I know nothing about Assassin’s Creed except there’s a bloke wearing a hoodie jumping around a lot and, I surmised, assassinating people.)

Assassin’s Creed was nothing like I expected, not that I had any real expectations. I spent most of the film thinking “this is strange, how on earth did this get made?” It is, after all, a Hollywood film where the heroes are a bunch of suicidal super-insurgents who are up against the might of the Christian Church. Is it a metaphor? Is it the Canadians at Ubisoft sneaking some kind of political metaphor into the cinema? How does a film where people keep getting huge knives rammed through their windpipes just a PG-13?
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The first week isn’t the hardest

This week I did all but one of my scheduled runs; the last one today, an easy recovery jog, I figured I’d skip after spending all of Christmas Day drinking prosecco. If you look at this summary, I’ve almost exactly doubled the distance I’ve run vs the previous week, but my TSS (the indication of how much I’m hurting myself) has only increased by about 50%.

That’s because I’ve been disciplined about following what my powermeter tells me, and also because my training plan has a lot of run-walk sessions – good for getting the miles in, not so great for the apparent average speed. But it seems to have paid off – I ran 10 miles today and the last time I did that I was absolutely hanging (three months ago to the day; the same time to do the same overall distance, but last time I wasn’t stopping every five minutes intentionally to take a bit of a rest). I was disappointed that I can’t run down slippery metal bridges in the dark (my body sensibly tensed up and slowed me down on the descent of Mount Faber) but otherwise everything seems to have gone to plan.
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