A visit to the zoo

It’s unclear why, but I couldn’t get to sleep until about 3 this morning, and I still had to get up early to prep the kids for our visit to the zoo. When we got back from the zoo, although La Serpiente flaked out for two hours, Destroyer slept for less than half an hour before demanding I entertain her, so I didn’t catch up with any sleep. Then to really rub it in, when I took both girls to Marks & Spencer in the afternoon, ona last chance thrill ride to buy cheesy poofs and hot cross buns, Destroyer went to sleep on my back and slept until 5, the perfect preparation for not going to sleep tonight. Continue reading “A visit to the zoo”

A series of “bonding experiences”

Today was the first time I’ve had to handle both children on my own. Last year I managed three days in Taiwan with La Serpiente and didn’t kill her, so I was fairly confident I’d be able to cope while my wife was away in Bali this weekend, but when you double the size of the opposing team, you can never be sure.
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Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2

We loved Guardians Of The Galaxy when it came out in 2014 so I was a bit worried that the sequel would be a disappointment. And indeed, some of the best jokes are given away in the trailer (Drax’s interactions with Mantis the empath in particular). The second film is a bit grumpier, less of the neon-coloured joy of its predecessor. There’s reference to Rocket Raccoon being misanthropic without much evidence; it feels like somebody hacked out a good few minutes of subplot somewhere. And the pace grinds glacially slow sometimes, when we want Kurt Russell to be chewing on the scenery. Continue reading “Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2”

Nothing Day

Today I felt exhausted, and I suspect this was something to do with drinking coffee yesterday. I’m on medication that requires me to accompany it with an acidic drink (coffee, or orange juice, or Coke) which goes against the diet I’ve been trying to follow, and seems to have thrown off my sleep quality as a result. Which means I wake up in the mornings groggy and confused, and feel I need another coffee to get me going. So I tried not having one today, and lo and behold … I didn’t feel great. Continue reading “Nothing Day”

The Churn

I really do seem to be going through a lot of books at the moment. This is what happens when you aren’t training for a marathon and the kids are fairly docile: there’s lots of extra time. I’m halfway through The Dirtiest Race In History, an account of the 1988 100 metres at the Seoul Olympics, and for a quick break i paused to read The Churn.
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Abaddon’s Gate

This morning, about 1 o’clock, I finished reading Abaddon’s Gate, the third book in The Expanse series. (Until I just checked on Google, I didn’t realise Abaddon was the Angel of Death in the Book of Revelation – I thought he was a character from Warhammer 40,000 most famous for the fact that the arms keep falling off his figurine.) Abaddon’s Gate begins a short while after Caliban’s War – spoilers to follow.
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Broccoli, snatching victory from the jaws of defeat – just another track session

This evening I went to the track, and didn’t fall in the toilet. Perhaps it’s a sign of how low my expectations are that this counts as something to celebrate. Continue reading “Broccoli, snatching victory from the jaws of defeat – just another track session”