Throwing Around

I almost threw La Serpiente out of her bed this evening. I was tired, I put her into her bed and read her three chapters of Despereaux, then she told me to lie on the floor, then she told me to lie next to her, then I fell asleep and then I woke up with one of those sudden all body jerks where you convulse and almost chuck your sleeping child on the floor.

Thankfully La Serpiente survived unscathed and unthrown, and I sneaked out of her room and went out for my evening run, a gentle 5k after taking off yesterday to recover from Saturday’s brutalisation.

Today was a bit of a grind, partly because after spending Sunday in the office you don’t feel so excited about being back in the office on Monday. I achieved about half of what I wanted to (a recurring theme at the moment) and then went home, pretty exhausted – but I expected that, after the weekend and after La Serpiente keeping me awake last night by punching me in the eye. I don’t know, maybe she was predicting this evening’s entertainment and wanted to get her jabs in first.

And so to bed…

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