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Deskbound is a book about how terrible it is to spend your day sitting, and how you can remedy that if you’re stuck in a sedentary occupation (like mine – principally sitting at a desk typing at a keyboard). I’m reading it on my phone’s Kindle app, which feels slightly hypocritical if not just plain reckless, as one of the factors it suggests as a problem is how people read on their smartphones too much.
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Orphan X

Of the three books we purchased last Friday on the way to Hong Kong, Orphan X was most clearly an airport novel. Big enough to last for a long flight, but devoid of any taxing detail or subtext to grapple with when you’re on holiday. It didn’t disappoint, which is to say it was disappointing, and I was disappointed at myself for reading it.
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Deepavali 2017

Deepavali means Wednesday was a holiday in Singapore, so we went with the girls to the Botanic Gardens and they whizzed around on their scooters for a while with some friends, and then got tetchy, and screamed at us, and then we went to a cafe and ate vaguely disappointing sandwiches, ok pasta and ever-reliable french fries, before we took the train home.

On the way back, La Serpiente was exhausted and howled with displeasure for about half the journey. The other half she was cute and compliant, and when we got back home she fell asleep for her nap inside of five minutes. Unfortunately I also fell asleep next to her, so I didn’t get to capitalise on the opportunity to do exciting things while she slept.

Except, of course, sleeping is quite exciting.
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Further tweaks

I had another appointment with my physio today, and happily I seem to be just about recovered. No longer is it painful to look to my left or look to my right. I can even raise my arms in the air.

I went home and celebrated by picking up La Serpiente and chucking her around the room, while making cawing noises like a raven. Upon consideration, I realise this may not have been the wisest of things to do but after being lobbed around once, La Serpiente demanded it again and again, so what could I do?

We put the kids done early tonight, which meant I had around an hour of Destroyer yelling at me to sit down, or lie down, or sit down again, or read a Mr Man book, and eventually I gave up and lay down and shortly after (well, within 30 minutes) Destroyer also went to sleep. I’m beginning to wish we could just get them to share a bed and put each other to sleep, but who knows what madness they’d get up to?