Blood on the walls

We like the villa we’re staying in very much. Unfortunately, so do the mosquitoes from down the hill, and an army of them flew in last night and spent the limited time they had before we got to them drinking our daughters’ blood. The rest of the family are pretty much unscathed, but La Serpiente and Destroyer had a miserable time of it, legs, arms and faces riddled with bites. Once we noticed our insect visitors, we got to work with the fly swatter; by morning the bedroom resembled an abbatoir. There’s smears of blood on every wall, on the mirror, on the ceiling when I could reach a satieted mosquito or two, even on the back cover of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom when the swatter wasn’t to hand.
Annoyingly, every mosquito we splat is full of blood, as demonstrated by the gout of hemoglobin that sprays when we take it down. So instead of us preventing our little creatures being bitten by these creatures, we’re just exacting revenge, over and over again. I don’t feel guilty about this for the mosquitoes, but sad that I can’t properly protect my girls.

We bought citronella coils today and they’re going to be glowing around the outside of the villa. The villa came with a UV big killing light, which all the mosquitoes I just ignore because I there’s no delicious blood to be I had from it. We’ve sprayed Raid in the bathrooms and round windows. The kids have Waitrose-certified safe repellent applied where we can, and they’re wearing long sleeved pyjamas, and I took down another squadron of mozzies in the bathroom just now (here’s the use we put our last boarding pass to:

) but still I hear them buzzing through our bedroom, and if we couldn’t get them all from ours, do we have hope to expunge them from the kids’ room? There will be more application of Zam-Bac ointment in the near future, I foresee…

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