Taken for a ride

This afternoon​, when I was feeling a bit better (or perhaps just rattling more, given how many pills I’d taken) we took the girls down to the East Coast Park so they could play on their scooter and bicycle. There’s a big shop selling nothing but scooters and inline skates there, so we could pick up a helmet for Destroyer and she could ride the scooter, while her sister rode her bike.
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A man and his bicycle

Today I saw a man fall off a bicycle.

We’d finished swimming at the pool at Bukit Merah, and I was waiting outside with my friend Renato for my wife to get changed, when out of the corner of my eye I saw a man fall off a bicycle.

Some crashes are excruciating to watch. This was very graceful. The man was riding down the gentle slope of Jalan Bukit Merah when the bike stopped, and he went over the bars. For a moment he glided through the air, headfirst, body parallel to the ground, like an angelic figure, and then he landed, face first, and didn’t get up. Not a quiver, just lying there prostrate and motionless.
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