Daze without sugar

I cut added sugar out of my diet yesterday, after stopping drinking coffee a week ago. It’s only been by cutting sugary food out completely that I’ve become aware of how much there is to eat at the office. There’s the inexhaustible supply of chocolate in the microkitchen. There’s the gorgeous little doughnuts served up at breakfast. There’s the birthday cakes. There’s the free ice cream (it’s a sign you’re jaded when you are annoyed that there’s only Haagen Daz in the freezer and nothing more exciting).
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Starting to struggle without sugar

Today is the fourth day that we’ve been without sugar, and the cracks are beginning to show.  Since I’ve been back to the office, I’ve been preventing myself from eating dreadful food by photographing everything that isn’t one of my three square meals or my morning cup of coffee, and it’s been depressing so far – different kinds of processed potato chips (all devoid of sugar, but also devoid of flavour). If I publish them, it will be the grimmest Instagram feed ever.
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Eating is cheating

Yesterday, I made a spreadsheet to track the quality of my diet. I’m following some fairly simple rules, as laid down in Racing Weight, to figure out if I’m eating properly or not. As it turned out, yesterday I ate dreadfully. I think I didn’t eat very different to any other day, which makes things worse: a one-off blowout is one thing, but every day stuffing the wrong things down your gullet is far worse. There were some immediate benefits: today, I ate much more carefully, mindful of how junk would be affecting the score of my daily diet. Usually, even knowing I don’t want to eat them, I’d be stuffing handfuls of Haribo Goldbaren in my gob by mid afternoon. Today, not a single one.
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