Quiet night in

I was a ruin today, sleeping in until 9, then still exhausted and needing to nap in the afternoon. But come nightfall, when the kids were asleep and friends came round to visit, and we cracked open two different bottles of gin (Sipsmith sloe gin and Margaret River botanical) I finally felt alive again.

We played a game of Carcassonne and two of Blokus, and I had three gins, and in all this time neither of our children woke up and came out to complain at us. It has becomr clear that the most reliable way to get them down is to make sure they’re fairly tired, put them in a darkened room, tell them you’ll be back in five minutes, and then leave and don’t go back.

It works – will it instill a complex that requires deep therapy in twenty years’time? Who’s to say?

Anyway, I drank a lot of gin, I suddenly remembered that I’ve failed to collect my statin prescription for a few weeks, and that in turn means perhaps I shouldn’t have eaten so much cheese tonight. Guess I’ll have to go running tomorrow then.

A short walk, spoiled

This morning I went to Sentosa for a team building event. I took a train down to Harbourfront, then the monorail over to the island. Staring at my phone, I got off at the first stop, and then consulted Google Maps and realised I should have stayed on the monorail. I rushed back up to the platform and then had to wait for the next train.

At the next station, I got off and started walking. My destination was 5 minutes away. I began to trudge, my flip-flops beginning to chafe.

Twenty minutes later I was still walking, and now Google Maps was telling me I was 15 minutes away. I went along interminable roads through the jungle, up hills, down hills, through a crowd of peacocks. I went along a path hewn through the forest, eventually finding a bus stop, and then rode back to where I had started, where I discovered my destination was a five minute walk from where Google Maps has told me was the wrong place to get off the train. So thanks for that, Google Maps.

The team building event was a lot of running around in the sun, so this wasn’t a very adequate preparation for all of this. Plus by then I had blisters from the flip-flops, so that was two rather painful hours of my life, after which I went home and passed out on my bed until the evening, when we had to go out and drink gin and play Cards Against Humanity. Such is life.

Bacon Eh and other misadventures in booze

This afternoon, abandoning our girls with a babysitter, we went to the inauspicious venue for the Singapore Beerfest, the Marina Bay Cruise Centre. This is a large, soulless building by the water, for cruise ships to dock at, but had somehow become the place for a three day festival of beer. At 2:30pm they were playing Depeche Mode at full blast (the irony of "Enjoy The Silence"!) and it felt very much like a pissup in a brewery warehouse.
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Singaporean Mexican Birthday Party

Today was my wife’s birthday, so after work I took her to El Mero Mero (the boss of bosses), a Mexican restaurant in the Chjimes complex. We got there half an hour early so I drank a Tecate and she got on the mezcal before we went into the garden for tacos. Continue reading “Singaporean Mexican Birthday Party”

Tacos by the pool

This evening we had a Mexican dinner at a friend’s condo. They have a Mexican restaurant in their complex – well, a bit more like a Singaporean idea of a bodega, I guess, serving tamales and jarritos and tacos. They gave my wife a burrito as big asa her head, and I had delicious but very messy tacos, each slightly larger than my thumb, but I kept scoffing them and sinking beer and gin until it was time to retire.

Like an idiot, this was on top of an early evening birthday celebration of very strong microbrewery booze – this century’s response to homebrew is artisanally crafted IPA that blows your head off the next morning, although since there aren’t enough hipsters with beards here, it gets served to you by random aunties in aprons instead. Plus ca change, huh?

Does this life ever become normal, or is this how it will be for me from now until the end of time? Not complaining, just curious…

What a cava-up

We had friends in town from Hong Kong, and my wife had reconnitred a suitable drinking venue in Duxton Hill, so we trooped down there this evening. I’d also just received my 360 degree camera (coincidentally from a supplier in Hong Kong) so we took that with us too, in order to record the whole drunk-fest. There’s far too much swearing and blurriness for me to share the photos here though 🙁
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Karaoke in San Francisco

On my last night in San Francisco, I went out to a pizza restaurant with my immediate team; Delarosa is a mostly orange pizzeria near Market Street, where the only meat on pizza is pig-based, although that’s of little concern to me directly, and the crusts are just slightly thicker than I like (using Tokyo’s Pizza Strada as my gold standard). Thinking on it now, perhaps the reason they offer an orange wheat beer is to conform with their colour scheme. Even if it does come in a white and seafoam coloured can.
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