Psychology 101

Today I had an interesting chat with a recruitment consultant. I’m not looking for a job; I like my job. But it’s good to conduct psychological experiments, like seeing what happens when you talk to a recruiter. I think he was doing his own psychological experiment, or else he just seemed desperate to insult me by pointing out I didn’t have much emotional intelligence and was clearly just a random techie. Or perhaps he was trying to be matey by being rude to me (and if that were the case, maybe it would also demonstrate I didn’t have enough emotional intelligence to detect this until ruminating on it several hours later). Humanity is hard sometimes.
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Angered by lifts

My right ear is bunged up at the moment. I went to see the doctor today (it seems minor, but with a long journey to the US at the weekend, I want to eliminate as much physical infirmity as possible) and as part of the diagnosis, he pointed out that I lived on the 21st floor of my building and so I should notice pressure changes when I go up and down in the lift.

I don’t think he realised that I live in an HDB block, rather than a futuristic condominium where the lifts whizz up and down at a hundred miles an hour. In my HDB, the lifts are ponderous and careful, and generally stop at every third floor.
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More toilet conundrums

In the toilet on the ground floor of the office building where I work, there’s this sign. It’s worrying that such a sign is necessary; do people really need to be told not to stick paper towels into urinals? And what sort of education provides somebody with the literacy to read this sign, but fails to inculcate basic principles of plumbing?
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