The unbearable lightness of corporate swag

I’ve got behind with enumerating the corporate swag I’ve received. Last week I got another T-shirt and a external battery for my phone, and this week I got another tshirt (Indian themed) and a ceramic coffee cup. It’s high time that I started graphing out all these acquisitions so I can understand what I’ve been achieving. Well, acquiring.
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Small Eruptions

This evening, after spending all day presenting what we’d worked on all weekend, I got to take the evening off and get something to eat. I was taken out to Etna, an Italian restaurant on the East Coast side of Singapore, where they served me a burrata as big as a cricket ball. You can serve me a burrata of any size and I’ll be happy, but this was particularly creamy and delicious. Unfortunately, I had to accompany it with a bottle of wine, a pint of beer and three gin and tonics, but nobody ever said that life would be easy.
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All you left behind

Queens Road, Central
I realized tonight how much I miss Hong Kong; there’s a crazy buzz of energy here that I just don’t feel in the same way in Singapore. There’s also a dry stickiness in the back of my throat and my eyes are sore, but I can keep telling myself that’s symptomatic of getting up early for the plane rather than the air quality here.
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I’m getting lazier. This evening, after successfully bathing our daughter, instead of making the effort to cook a decent meal, I fried an egg and some vegetarian sausages, drenched them in mustard and wolfed them down. Perhaps through guilt, or fear of salmonella, I fried the egg far too long and far too hot, providing myself with a crispy, brown streaked disc of protein to chew upon. It’s lucky my wife had thrown out the fake bacon yesterday, or I’d have eaten those squalid strips of concentrated salt and bacon flavouring too: everything submits to the frying pan.

It’s a good frying pan, mind. Non stick, to save on washing up (and thus lazy) and also equipped with a temperature sensitive dot to tell you when the pan is hot enough. Lazier still, I suppose.

Frying food is not the only way I’m growing lazier.
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