Out with a bang

I killed our microwave today. Or rather, I switched it on with nothing inside, and there was a flash of light, a loud pop, and the thing didn’t work any more. It had been in the family for a long time; I wrestled it up the stairs into our flat in Hong Kong in 2011, and it survived the trip to Singapore and moving from the middle of Chinatown into our current flat. But now it’s dead, and so I’m consigning its beige plastic corpse to the junkyard.
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Nasal irrigation

I’ve had a bunged up nose for most of my time in Canada this summer, but it reached a nadir in the last few days, leaving me speaking like a caricature of a man with a cold, and gradually growing dumber and deafer. Fortunately one of our friends gave me a nasal rinse and today I tried it out for the first time.
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What I learned today about toasters

We woke today to a house devoid of food, and had to quickly head out to the bakery to find croissants to placate both the girls. There’s something wrong there but I can’t say what it could be. After that, the family split: my wife took La Serpiente to a birthday party while I went with Destroyer to the travel agent to book a holiday in Taipei for me and La Serpiente, for a bit of father-daughter bonding in September. And then I went north to buy a new toaster.
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Fitbit Charge HR

Today I bought another fitness tracker, just over three months after the last one I lost. (At that point, I swore I’d never go for another Fitbit again, aggravated by flimsy clasps and units that couldn’t cope with sweat or being inserted into their charger.) I bought the Fitbit Charge HR partly because there wasn’t much else in the shops at the moment, and also because it has reputedly the best (of a bad bunch) of resting heart rate tracking in its segment.

Also, La Serpiente told me to, although that was more than she wanted me to buy something blue instead of black.

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I bought a Kindle Voyage while waiting for my plane home at Heathrow last month. This is the third Kindle I’ve owned; the first two were both third- or fourth- generation devices, one with only Wifi and no touchscreen, and the second with 3G and a touchscreen. Both had displays that were a dull grey, whereas one of the enhancements of the more recent Kindles is that the screen really is white, resembling proper paper and not soggy, three day old newsprint.

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