Small infuriations

I woke up feeling bad again this morning, a sign that whatever has been ailing me has yet to clear, and struggled through the morning. We took both our little urchins to a play gym nearby, and ran them around until they were exhausted. Then, as Destroyer was inconsolable, I took her home and she screamed “mamma” at me for twenty minutes, then lapsed into a combination sob-snore as she fell asleep, face buried in her pink bunny.
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Toes, toilets and traditions

Today we had a wedding to go to in the Renaissance Hotel in Hong Kong, and as is traditional for my wife and I, one of us has to arrive with a broken toe. Last time around it was my wife, leaping across the living room in a misguided attempt to stop me putting Marmite on toast, before colliding with the coffee table, and this time it was me, accidentally kicking the bed and then falling to the floor in indescribable, inexplicable pain. (Although careful perusal of my blog shows that I’ve bust other toes in the last 6 years, here and here.

At least when my wife did it, we didn’t have children around to step on our wounded toes.
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