What I learned this weekend

... dressed a bit like a New Romantic
… dressed a bit like a New Romantic

Back from a weekend away, and in between assembling Destroyer’s new bed and going to sleep, I try to write down some of what happened today, and what I think I learned from this.  Key learnings bolded:

We should have stayed longer in Hong Kong. Worried about taking the 6:30 flight back to Singapore (and thus landing at 10:30 and having all kinds of hilarity trying to get La Serpiente to bed) I booked us on a 4:30 departure, and even with the wonderful efficiency of Hong Kong’s in-town check in, that still meant a very truncated day.

Especially when we got to the in-town check in at 9:30 this morning, to discover that check-in was closed all day and we’d have to take our bags to the airport instead.  What happened to living in the future?
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Spanish surprise in Singapore

I was taken aback at my Spanish class today, when a Frenchman expressed surprise that I was English and not Canadian, saying that I had no accent. After spending the last six years of my life being told that I had an accent and it was hard to understand, to find out now that I don’t have an accent threw my worldview completely out of whack. I tried using my best RP accent. "Not English" the Frenchman said. I adopted my Cockerney right-royal-barrel-of-monkeys-dragged-up-in-earshot-of-Bow-bells Estuary English. "Not English" spoke the Frenchman. I thought about going Zamerzet on him and gibbering about scrumpy and combine harvesters, but thus spake the Frenchman, nevermore.

Then again, it was a Spanish lesson, in Singapore, and maybe all his work colleagues are dishonest Malaysians pretending to be English. Why would anyone do that?
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Swimming Lessons

Today we visited a friend of mine from university, up at her house near Seletar Airport. She lives in the far north of Singapore, where housing is cheap and big because nobody wants to live somewhere so remote that it can take half an hour to drive to the centre of town.

Her house is big enough to have a swimming pool and a trampoline in the back garden; I didn’t fancy having Felicity get airborne just yet, but it was a good opportunity to get her accustomed to swimming.
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