Out late

I went for dinner tonight with a team from the US, and although they’d all flown in this morning and were horribly jet lagged, they’d booked a restaurant for a meal starting at 7:30, which is a brave yet self-destructive move. I was suffering a bit because I’d been running at lunchtime, and much more so because I hadn’t loaded up on snacks all day, and made the mistake of walking to the restaurant. Up a long and very windy hill. Continue reading “Out late”

End of the week show

It’s a regular Friday thing, it appears, to be so tired out that by 8:30 I’m asleep on my daughter’s bed. Part of this must be the carried-over exhaustion of last night’s swimming, hut tonight, the combination of a slight cold, an overlong week at work, and La Serpiente in a massive rage about pizza night pizza having tomato sauce on it, not just pure cheese, did for me. My wife came in at 9:30 and hauled me out, and all I know is I wish I was still asleep. But that’s nothing so very bad. Continue reading “End of the week show”

A cure for the common blues

I was feeling blue today, something to do with not getting enough sleep, or realising how much we pay for our daughter’s education as a percentage of my total salary, or because the weather isn’t great, or just because it’s Tuesday. I don’t know. So this evening, after taking an hour to put Destroyer to bed, I went out for a run. Continue reading “A cure for the common blues”

Very little happening on Monday

I had a meeting near my flat this evening, so after I’d spent some time taking somebody through a set of analysis and explaining what it meant he should do, I went home and waited for my wife and kids to return. It was about six, things were quiet and so I lay on the sofa and rested my eyes for a moment. An hour later, La Serpiente bustled in and woke me up by laying on top of me, and then calling for her mother to come and look at her being cute.

As cute as 18 kg lying on your chest can be.
Continue reading “Very little happening on Monday”


We had a friend’s birthday party in a Japanese restaurant last night. It was a seafood restaurant, so the only thing I could eat was French fries, and there was a free flow drinks promotion, where you could drink as much as you wanted for $35 in 90 minutes. Although you were admonished by the menu not to binge drink. What were they thinking? Continue reading “Hangover”