Remote sickness

My wife called me this morning (or this evening – I’m now tired enough to not be able to comprehend timezones) to tell me that the girls were sick. La Serpiente has mouldy feet, and Destroyer is coming down with foot and mouth disease. It’s enough to make you want to stay put on the other side of the Pacific, but I guess I must return to my pestilential family to bring them some succour.

Also, whistles.
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Gin is the thing

This evening I got a Lyft to Redwood City, where my friend lives with a mound of dogs and some peach trees. My Lyft drivers seem to becomimg more and more unreliable; the first one I tried to book got lost and drove around the carpark at the office, then drove off down the highway and never tried to make contact with me. One of my drivers last night was shirtless and incapable of following his GPS. It’s all a bit odd. Continue reading “Gin is the thing”

Quiet night in

Friday was pizza night, but whether it was an act of rebellion or manic exhaustion, La Serpiente managed to eat about half a slice of pizza and two pieces of watermelon, then pee all over her chair. I had been distracted by the sight of Destroyer getting hold of our enormous kitchen knife, which she waved around, happily burbling "huge" at us until we got it away from her. My wife tried to anaesthetise me with gin, which went as far as it could. Continue reading “Quiet night in”

Chopsticks, a whole lot of yelling, and bed rest

La Serpiente greeted me at the door this evening, brandishing a pair of chopsticks that she’s learning to use. She had both a swimming lesson and a music lesson today, so by 6:30 she was brutally tired and manic, alternating bouts of weepiness with demands that we sat with her and read her a book about guinea pigs. Then she cried a bit, and sat at her table singing Japanese songs. As I remarked to my wife, her Japanese singing might seem impressive for an almost-four year old, but it looked like she was reading the words. (Disengage sarcasm now…) Continue reading “Chopsticks, a whole lot of yelling, and bed rest”

Short drunken burst of speed

Apparently staying up half the night eating tacos and quaffing beer isn’t a great preparation for running a 5k. Who knew? I struggled to ride to the Parkrun this morning, went out too fast and then fell to bits on the rest of the run (well, I still overtook some people, so others did worse than me at pacing) and then was so sweaty afterwards that I left an actual puddle, not just a damp mark, behind me after sitting down to get my breath back. Never mind. Continue reading “Short drunken burst of speed”