Holding the babies

This morning I felt predictably dreadful, after drinking as much as I could last night and then sleeping on the floor next to Destroyer. (Neither she nor her sister woke up, so they were fresh and ready at 7 am to start yelling at us for entertainment.) I drank tea, I drank coffee, we took the girls home and cajoled them to nap, and then I fell asleep on La Serpiente’s floor (notice this leitmotif of the weekend) and awoke 20 minutes later with both my arms completely numbed. I flopped around like a fish for a while, then dragged myself off to watch cartoons for half an hour until the kids both woke up again, and we redeployed to the National Library.
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Almost time for launch

This morning I related my conversation from yesterday to a colleague. “Well, you don’t have any EQ” she said.

I had the last laugh, because only people who don’t have any EQ would be confident in making bold statements about other people lacking EQ.

Oh, hang on. That’s not right…
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Bad Night

La Serpiente woke up crying and coughing and wheezing last night, about 10. We dosed her with medicine and she was down for another hour or so, and then up again, making piteous sounds as she struggled for breath. It was unlike any noise we’d ever heard from her before, like she was in the throes of an asthma attack or worse. Continue reading “Bad Night”

A visit to the zoo

It’s unclear why, but I couldn’t get to sleep until about 3 this morning, and I still had to get up early to prep the kids for our visit to the zoo. When we got back from the zoo, although La Serpiente flaked out for two hours, Destroyer slept for less than half an hour before demanding I entertain her, so I didn’t catch up with any sleep. Then to really rub it in, when I took both girls to Marks & Spencer in the afternoon, ona last chance thrill ride to buy cheesy poofs and hot cross buns, Destroyer went to sleep on my back and slept until 5, the perfect preparation for not going to sleep tonight. Continue reading “A visit to the zoo”

A series of “bonding experiences”

Today was the first time I’ve had to handle both children on my own. Last year I managed three days in Taiwan with La Serpiente and didn’t kill her, so I was fairly confident I’d be able to cope while my wife was away in Bali this weekend, but when you double the size of the opposing team, you can never be sure.
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Are you not entertained?

This morning we went out for brunch at Super Loco again. At least I thought we were, but my wife had other plans, taking me further down the river to the Kith Cafe. Whereas Super Loco has interior seating and toast, Kith Cafe has no seats inside, just a tiny counter, a sign of cunning business practices on the part of the owner. Why pay for air conditioning when there’s a scrum of Imogens, Ruperts, Georgies and every other horrendous Boden-dressed rugby shirt wearing mug in Singapore beating their path to your door? Did I mention how much I love the food at Super Loco?
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Taken for a ride

This afternoon​, when I was feeling a bit better (or perhaps just rattling more, given how many pills I’d taken) we took the girls down to the East Coast Park so they could play on their scooter and bicycle. There’s a big shop selling nothing but scooters and inline skates there, so we could pick up a helmet for Destroyer and she could ride the scooter, while her sister rode her bike.
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