I got a fun piece of equipment in the mail today, a Glif from Studio Neat. Studio Neat specialises in little things that you may not have realised were missing from your life, that turn out to be (somewhat) useful. Years ago, I bought a couple of Kosmonauts from them, a chunky stylus that was more like a child’s crayon than the skinny pens most people had for drawing on tablets. Eventually I grew bored of that, but it was fun for a while.

The Glif strikes me as much more useful for the long term. It’s pretty simple: a springloaded clamp that can adjust for various sizes of smartphone, with three screw threads on it so you can mount your phone to a regular tripod, either vertically or horizontally​.

Or if you’re feeling a bit crackers like me, you can get a handlebar clamp with a quarter-inch tripod screw on it, and attach the Glif to that, and then attach that to your bike. Three degrees of separation for your phone, and if I can think of more things to clamp to clamps, I’ll bolt them on too.
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Last photo before the break

This morning I dropped my camera onto a wooden deck, from about twelve inches up. It was in its case, but even so I seem to have done damage to the lens, which no longer has working auto-focus. This is something of a pain, as reliable autofocus has made me lazy over the past five years, when otherwise I could have been practising for this moment. At least (after checking with other lenses and camera bodies) the lens is clearly the broken element in the system – there’s little uncertainty about knowing whether I’ve crocked a two-thousand dollar body or a five hundred dollar lens. Not that either of those is a very enjoyable feeling. Here’s the last photo I took before this destruction:

My God, it's full of stars
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Awesome enough to disappoint?

As part of Google’s I/O event, they announced the Auto-Awesome feature for Google Plus. I met a Googler for coffee this afternoon, and that was what he told me about when I asked him what cool things had been announced.

Auto-Awesome is part of the ever-improving photo management facilities on Google Plus. It’s designed to curate and cure the photographs that you upload to the internet. And inadvertently, I worry that Google may have just made another step towards the internet being a gigantic Disappointment Engine.
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