I watched Logan on the plane home yesterday. I did nothing exciting today because La Serpiente woke me up at 3am and so I’m not going to talk about today, I’m going to talk about Logan.

Logan is Hugh Jackman’s last Wolverine film. I don’t know why it’s called Logan, because people keep referring to him as James Sprocket or somesuch (look, I was tired, my headphones are giving up the ghost, he’s a comic book character so just grow up, etc…). He’s now old, and Professor Xavier is even older, so that means Wolverine doesn’t rock a black leather jacket, he’s a minicab driver (and doesn’t even own his car) and the Prof is suffering from Alzheimer’s or something worse and … look, it’s not a feelgood movie, basically.
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The Delirium Brief

Last night I started reading The Delirium Brief, the 8th novel in the Laundry series, and after a hundred pages I couldn’t put it down until 4 this morning, when I got to the end and could go to sleep.

Things are starting to get apocalyptic in this story of Lovecraftian doom, not-even-thinly-veiled Freudian terror, and public-private finance initiatives.
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George V. Higgins – The Life And Writings

I don’t think I’ve read any cheerful biographies this year, tthoughat least this one didn’t make me weep. On my way to Bangkok today, I finished reading the biography of George V. Higgins, the "Balzac of Boston"; a man who died early, after a frustrating life filled with self-sabotage. Rather, I thought, like B.S. Johnson, whose 2004 biography, Like A Fiery Elephant, also made the case for early success damning an author to an ignominious end. Continue reading “George V. Higgins – The Life And Writings”

The Ballad Of Black Tom

I finished The Ballad Of Black Tom this evening, after putting the kids to bed. It’s a rare Lovecraftian story that has a happy ending, and the most positive we can say of this one is that the protagonist defenestrates himself, rather than having his mind eaten by eldritch horrors. Continue reading “The Ballad Of Black Tom”

Kennedy For The Defence

As holiday reading goes, George V Higgins may not be everyone’s first choice. When you’re sitting on the beach, do you want to read about rainy Boston and a succession of people swearing at one another and about one another? Well, it turns out I do, so Kennedy For The Defence, a book that feels as though it may be quite autobiographical, was the one I took with me to Western Australia. Continue reading “Kennedy For The Defence”

Split Images

I’ve been reading an old Elmore Leonard crime.novel as a palate freshener between Expanse novels. Split Images was published in 1981, and, wonder of wonders, is now available electronically in the Singapore library system, despite being as far from those things as one might imagine. Continue reading “Split Images”