A long slow run

La Serpiente came into our bedroom at twenty past six, wanting to hug and lie on me. Instead, I bundled her into the running stroller along with some fruit, some cookies, a litre of water, a hardback book, two soft toys, a change of clothes for me and her booster seat, and headed off to the Parkrun. Which is about 10 km from our flat.
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Plantar fascitis

I went to the doctor this morning about a nagging pain in my heel. I’ve had it for the last six weeks or so; it’s particularly bad first thing when I get out of bed (on Tuesday I could hardly walk, limping around the room like a broken man) but it doesn’t affect me when I’m running.

He squeezed my calf, and different parts of my foot, and then pushed his finger into the bottom of my heel and I squealed like a stuck pig. "Yes, plantar fascitis" he declared.
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A parkrun in the rain

It poured with rain last night, so much that it couldn’t possibly rain any more today. So I was surprised to wake at 6 this morning to the sound of further rain. I got up, careful not to wake anyone, and crept from the house to the car, just as the rain stopped. Then I drove out to Busselton for the Parkrun there, just as the rain came back again.
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Old Man’s Sports Day – Singapore Masters Track And Field Championships 2017

Today was the day of the annual Singapore Athletics Masters Track & Field Championships. For the last two years I’ve completed, starting off with the 1500m and running a 4x400m relay against some dastardly competition, but last year and this year I’ve concentrated on the 800m.

The championships has usually been held in the autumn, but this year they shifted to May, for no particular reason, and then moved from the grandiosely named Home Of Athletics near the National Stadium, back to the stadium at Toa Payoh. (Maybe that’s because the track is already falling apart at the Home Of Athletics, but that’s another story.) Either way, it has the air of a school sports day, especially when they announce the winner of the long jump competition at 1.05m, or when the 3000m race walk minces away from the line for an interminable “race”.
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