Straight to bed

La Serpiente made a stalwart effort to stay awake for the entire flight watching Paw Patrol episodes, but by 1am local time she was faltering and soon after she fell asleep, first sitting upright with her head looking around, then lying in my lap, then standing in the aisle with her head on my lap, then needing to be cuddled, and on and on until she woke about an hour before we landed, and ate dry cereal while I finished the Lego Batman Movie.

I got some sleep – at least five or six hours, and I got to watch the hilariously violent Logan, and the part of the Lego Batman Movie I missed on the flight out. So good for all of us there.
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Going home again

All the way to Heathrow, I had a nagging feeling that we were going on the wrong day, and we’d arrive at the airport to find either that we were a day early or a day late. We rented our car from the Sixt over the road from Hatton Cross tube station, and when we eventually got there (after a series of u-turns, no left turns and a helpful man winding down his window to yell at us that the A30 was a total mess) we found out the shuttle doesn’t run from the rental office to Terminal 5, and we couldn’t face schlepping four suitcases and innumerable bags across the airport.

Instead, we drove to Sixt’s office on Terminal 5, in the Sofitel, or rather we drove around the airport perimeter a few times, getting honked at by irate drivers, getting lost and confused, and more and more worried. Well, I worried. After all this, were we about to find we needed to check into a hotel for the night?
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Driving home

The Jagerbombs were a mistake. Not even in retrospect, even when we were drinking them In knew they were a bad idea, that the cheque wasn’t so much in the post as dispatched by an express courier and awaiting my signature when I got to my bed. And so it was: I woke at 6, heart pounding and feeling like I was about to die. This wasn’t really the best preparation for the drive home today. Continue reading “Driving home”

Natural History and Unnatural Fear

We took the girls to South Kensington today to visit a museum. I’d have liked to have gone to the V&A, but a collection of priceless ceramics is not the best place for two small girls who want to run and jump as much as they can. The Science Museum is the furthest from the Tube, and the Natural History is the closest, *and* it has an earthquake room in it, so after we’d fuelled the girls up with their statutory babycinnos, off we went. Continue reading “Natural History and Unnatural Fear”

Horniman and the Walrus again

Another year passes, another visit to the Horniman Museum and Gardens in Forest Hill, and another chance for me to hold my daughters up in front of the Walrus. I’m getting weaker or La Serpiente is getting heavier – I’m not sure if I’ll be able to manage a whole decade of this.

I’ve also noticed that my lifting posture isn’t that great – leaning way too far back and stressing my spine when I should be planted more solidly. Something to work on for next year for sure.
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