Empellon Tacqueria

It took me almost four entire days from arriving in New York before I finally got tacos. After an abortive attempt to visit friends in New Jersey, where the culinary highlight of hanging around the Port Imperial ferry terminal was eating a Mrs Fields cookie, I was seriously hungry, so when we arrived at Empellon Tacqueria I could have eaten a piñata.

I almost missed the restaurant though, thinking the signboard outside that declared ‘Hora De Amigos” was the name of the place, rather than the time. Close shaves, and all that.
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Feast (it’s all made of pork)

This afternoon we had ice cream at Odd Fellows, I had the sprinkles flavour, which is sugary multicoloured sprinkles in sugar, in a sugar cone. It was great. They gave me a badge and everything.

The main event for today though was Feast, a restaurant down on 3rd avenue, run by hipsters (as is everything these days) and specialising in a pork feast. Which sounded to me like a euphemism, but is a six course array of pig-based products.
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Worldbean, JFK baggage reclaim, terminal 2

Despite feeling perky at Seattle, after a smooth flight over the Pacific, I still couldn’t keep my eyes open on the flight across to New York, and although they served a meal, it was almost entirely unmemorable. It involved quinoa. At least that was vegetarian, whereas on the Hong Kong-Seattle flight all I got from my Gold status and a request made three months in advance for a vegetarian meal was an omelette with a diminutive pork sausage in it, small enough to offend anyone who wanted a pork-based product, large enough to offend anyone who didn’t want one, the perfect storm of breakfast failure.

But let’s not dwell on that.
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Virgin Clubhouse, Hong Kong International

Damn, it’s good to be a frequent flyer. All that travelling on Delta last year finally paid off with Gold status, and Delta’s partnership with Virgin Atlantic means that at Hong Kong, after a sleepless night flight, itself following an endless trek around Changi airport for dinner, I got to sit in a pleasant space while nice people continually bring me food and drinks. If I wasn’t so tired, I’d be embarrassed.
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