Early morning phone shenanigans

This morning I had an early team phone call, so I couldn’t take La Serpiente to school. Instead, I put on some headphones and kept my phone on mute, listening to the call while trying to persuade Destroyer to eat her cereal and not sling it across the table. Fun times.
In retrospect, what I should have done is call into the conference call and not put my phone on mute, and treat my co-workers to a slightly inept version of "Let It Go" from Frozen, which Destroyer is fairly good at singing now. For extra points, I could have rung in twice to the same phone call, and thus pretended that I wasn’t responsible for the Disney-themed interruption.

Well, I’ll deploy these shenanigans for the next all-hands call. It’s good to have something up your sleeve.

I had to wait for my wife to drop La Serpiente off, then come back and take over from me, and then rush to the station and take the train to the office, so for the rest of the day I was somewhat on the back foot. There was at least scrambled egg for breakfast, and I got to do some statistical tests and make a PowerPoint slide today, so I suppose all was good with the world.

I also had an ex-colleague visit me for lunch, and another ex-colleague from three years’ back took me for a chai tea this afternoon, so I guess I had enough caffeine for one day, so then I went home, where Destroyer was arguing with the refrigerator. I was roped into drawing a unicorn for my daughters before bedtime. Not such a bad day, altogether.

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