Good Friday

I slept and slept and slept, and still woke up exhausted today. At least today is a holiday in Singapore, so my shambling idiocy wasn’t something anyone apart from my wife and kids would notice.

We went to the National Gallery again this morning, and showed La Serpiente some ducks. There was the white duck, the not-white duck and several very angry ducks my wife found on a visit earlier this week. I have a hope that La Serpiente will grow up to believe that all art should include depictions of waterfowl. How will this aid her in life, I do not know, but it should come in handy somewhere.

I bought my wife a new camera today, which has WiFi built into it. That’s quite cool, as instead of having to fuss with plugging it into a computer and transferring and uploading photos, she can now share photos across the internet with just a few taps of the interface on the camera. We have come so far from the days where a roll of film would include a few mysterious photos from six months before the rest. Ain’t technology grand?

This afternoon, when I awoke from my nap, we went down to the Tanjong Pagar railway station, opened today for the holiday. There were huge crowds and it was very, very hot but somehow I got a photo of La Serpiente smiling, when usually she screws her face up into an awful grimace. So I suppose it turns out that she loves railway stations (disused).

Tomorrow, I get some exercise for the first time in weeks: cycling down to East Coast and back, just to prove I can do it. As long as La Serpiente doesn’t wreck my sleep tonight…

One of the few times we've captured Felicity with a genuine smile on camera
One of the few times we’ve captured Felicity with a genuine smile on camera

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