Out East in the East

There’s a bakery called Firebake out on the East Coast Road; it has very decent bread and I went there with Destroyer the weekend that my wife and La Serpiente were in Tokyo, so I was keen for a return with the whole family.
Unfortunately, most of the establishment is taken up by the kitchen; there is hardly anywhere to sit, apart from a set of tables outside in the direct blast of the sun. We finally got some seating inside, and then they delivered a klugenhopf or a kegelhof or some strange Germanic thing, which turned out to be like a Teutonic pannetone, a glorious heavy lump of fruit and sugar and orange peel, loaded down with heavy cream.

I ate most of that, then cataleptic with too much sugar, reclined in my chair while our kids played with toy cars and coloured in their books. We had a friend with us and her two young boys (distaff counterparts to our children) and after a couple of hours of hogging all the seats in Firebake, we toddled down the road to a shopping mall where I had to run in circles around the kids for a couple of hours, because I was a crocodile and they were rescue planes, or something.

We went home in a taxi as it started to rain, got the kids to sleep, and then I went to the office to try to fix up some work left over from last week, although frustratingly it turned out that I couldn’t because I’d been sent the wrong data to work with. I contented myself with a few pretty graphs, then returned to the bosom of my family.

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