Here and there and back again

My wife came in at 3 this morning and woke me up, so when my alarm went off at 6:30, I blinked and it was already 7. Panic stricken, I rushed around the house getting ready to go to the Parkrun. (Protip: it’s much better to go to the toilet then put on a pair of bib shorts, rather than the other way round.)

I pedalled as fast as I could, and only arrived 5 minutes behind schedule. But fortunately, the East Coast Parkrun pretty much always starts ten minutes behind schedule, so I was there in time to help with timing the runners. I rode back, ten minutes faster than last week’s bedraggled effort, and then tried my best to entertain the kids.
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Quiet night in

Friday was pizza night, but whether it was an act of rebellion or manic exhaustion, La Serpiente managed to eat about half a slice of pizza and two pieces of watermelon, then pee all over her chair. I had been distracted by the sight of Destroyer getting hold of our enormous kitchen knife, which she waved around, happily burbling "huge" at us until we got it away from her. My wife tried to anaesthetise me with gin, which went as far as it could. Continue reading “Quiet night in”

Chopsticks, a whole lot of yelling, and bed rest

La Serpiente greeted me at the door this evening, brandishing a pair of chopsticks that she’s learning to use. She had both a swimming lesson and a music lesson today, so by 6:30 she was brutally tired and manic, alternating bouts of weepiness with demands that we sat with her and read her a book about guinea pigs. Then she cried a bit, and sat at her table singing Japanese songs. As I remarked to my wife, her Japanese singing might seem impressive for an almost-four year old, but it looked like she was reading the words. (Disengage sarcasm now…) Continue reading “Chopsticks, a whole lot of yelling, and bed rest”


I got a fun piece of equipment in the mail today, a Glif from Studio Neat. Studio Neat specialises in little things that you may not have realised were missing from your life, that turn out to be (somewhat) useful. Years ago, I bought a couple of Kosmonauts from them, a chunky stylus that was more like a child’s crayon than the skinny pens most people had for drawing on tablets. Eventually I grew bored of that, but it was fun for a while.

The Glif strikes me as much more useful for the long term. It’s pretty simple: a springloaded clamp that can adjust for various sizes of smartphone, with three screw threads on it so you can mount your phone to a regular tripod, either vertically or horizontally‚Äč.

Or if you’re feeling a bit crackers like me, you can get a handlebar clamp with a quarter-inch tripod screw on it, and attach the Glif to that, and then attach that to your bike. Three degrees of separation for your phone, and if I can think of more things to clamp to clamps, I’ll bolt them on too.
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Holding the babies

This morning I felt predictably dreadful, after drinking as much as I could last night and then sleeping on the floor next to Destroyer. (Neither she nor her sister woke up, so they were fresh and ready at 7 am to start yelling at us for entertainment.) I drank tea, I drank coffee, we took the girls home and cajoled them to nap, and then I fell asleep on La Serpiente’s floor (notice this leitmotif of the weekend) and awoke 20 minutes later with both my arms completely numbed. I flopped around like a fish for a while, then dragged myself off to watch cartoons for half an hour until the kids both woke up again, and we redeployed to the National Library.
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