Singapore Slinged

The Long Bar at the Raffles Hotel smells of two poisonous things; disappointment, and rotting peanuts. Whereas yesterday we ate cucumber sandwiches in the rarefied air of the Tiffin Room, today we went to drink Singapore Slings, in the company of a mass of tourists who were only at the Long Bar because they’d been told that was what they should do.
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How long till Chrismas?

Merry Chrismas
And much od wellness to you.

I awoke at five this morning, my left arm completely numb from where I’d lain on it all night. I was filled with utter terror at the thought I might never recover feeling in the limb. Late at night or early in the morning come deep and existential fears to haunt us. For me, it was the concern that I’d done a Dave Mustaine, falling asleep on myself in a way that had caused permanent nerve damage. I tried to flex my fingers: nothing doing. I lay there, and if I’d been less tired, I would have quaked in fear. Instead, I wobbled my wrist with my right arm, and gradually feeling was restored.

This was not a good way to wake up, and I spent the day groggy and gloomy, rather than overjoyed at my escape from paralysis. I admit, I should have taken a more positive view, but the tunnel vision that sleep deprivation confers can be hard to battle.
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More gin

I had an early lunch today with a couple of colleagues, and on the way back to the office stopped to look through the window of a restaurant I’d never been into. The owner saw us and rushed out to encourage us to come in and check the place out. This was despite it being packed full of people already eating, but he ushered us through to the rear area of the establishment, where he persuaded us to drink coffees and then brought out a vast selection of different booze for us to sniff.
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Starbucks, that world-renowned purveyor of steamed milk with a dab of coffee in it, are forever tweaking the beverages they offer, in the hope the variety will addle your brain and make you pay to drink more of them. They even surreptitiously changed from “coffee” to “hand-crafted beverage”. Whether that was because some cynics didn’t think the hot brown stuff Starbucks produces is worthy of the name coffee, or because they needed to make the menu more complicated, or just that Starbucks is run by a bloke who’s not afraid to call a spade a metallic digging implement, we may never know.
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Slight after effects

Alcoholic drinks probably aren’t the best carb-loading material. Still, I only had three beers last night, and though I felt grotty at six in the morning, I was still capable of hauling myself out of bed and running ten miles. If I can get a bit of consistency in the next month, I might not self-destruct in May’s half marathon. However, I’ve hardly been Mr Consistency for the last month; we’ll have to see if I can be more singleminded.
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