Don’t do race jokes

When I moved to Singapore, one thing that I noticed was that it felt as though a lot more material was based on racial stereotypes.

I think that’s partly because the scene was more homogenous in Hong Kong: apart from Vivek Mahbubani, when I started going to the local club the comedians were almost all white men, with an occasional Chinese guy mingled in. It has diversified over time, and even back in 2008 there was one Vietnamese-American, but by and large you had a group of privileged white males, mirroring Hong Kong’s expatriate population of ne’er-do-well Eurotrash.
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Short stories

Every so often, somebody will say that Hemingway wrote the greatest short story ever, in only 6 words:

For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn.

Well, I wonder if we can get a bit shorter:

Check the safety, Ernie!

There you go: biography, dispatched in 4 words. If you didn’t like that, perhaps you can seek solace in religion:

Jesus wept.

(That was also my English teacher’s favourite sentence.)
Anyone got any good one word stories?