Quiet night in

Friday was pizza night, but whether it was an act of rebellion or manic exhaustion, La Serpiente managed to eat about half a slice of pizza and two pieces of watermelon, then pee all over her chair. I had been distracted by the sight of Destroyer getting hold of our enormous kitchen knife, which she waved around, happily burbling "huge" at us until we got it away from her. My wife tried to anaesthetise me with gin, which went as far as it could.
Bathtime was lots of screaming from our eldest, although she was then very easy to put to bed, exhausted as she was. Destroyer didn’t scream for her mother for half an hour like last night, but just shuffled around on her bed for ages, demanding I lie down next to her and murmuring "sleep" at regular intervals.

When all this idiocy was over, I went off and packed for a week in America, then set to charging various devices. My wife went out dancing with friends from Hong Kong, and I ate all the ice cream in the house. Which I deserve, after all the exercise I imagined I’d do this week.

Tomorrow we have another birthday party to go to (I suppose our default setting for every weekend for the next decade will probably be "children’s birthday party" but what can you do, eh?

I can lie on my bed and read about tabletop wargaming until I pass out, that’s what.

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