Robots and no sleep until bedtime

After a dreadful night’s sleep, we had a busy day today. First thing this morning I was frothing milk for wife and child, and then we went off to the Art Science Museum at the Marina Bay Sands, where there’s a Future World exhibition going on. This is a series of darkened rooms with lots of glowing plastic boxes, or interactive projections on walls, or LEDs in plastic lattices, which is what the future will be, obviously. There’s also a slide (because in the future we’ll be able to descend smooth surfaces in ways currently undreamed of) so La Serpiente was happy. We spent an hour and a half there and then set off to see friends from Hong Kong (visiting from Australia) who were over in Mount Emily. To get to see them we had a long and arduous journey through the height of the midday sun (there was nobody else out, not even any mad dogs) and as we’d forgotten La Serpiente’s sunglasses, she screamed and raged at us for half an hour. Destroyer looked on, sanguine and silent as ever.

We then had about three hours of La Serpiente jumping into a swimming pool, again and again and again. While I’m quite impressed that from a standing start she can leap a horizontal distance greater than her height, it was rather wearing having to catch her every time rather than let her smash face first into the bottom of the (50cm deep) pool. Plus, I didn’t wear enough sunblock, so now I’m burnt around the arms and neck.

That wasn’t the most arduous part: that was the missing of a nap today. La Serpiente coped well enough without any sleep, but I was falling apart like a five-dollar watch in a washing machine. Quite how we made it to six p.m. without me breaking down in tears I do not know. The upside of La Serpiente not napping was that she went down like a dream – in the bath by 7, in the bedroom by 7:20, asking for the light to be turned off (before she’d even had her bedtime story) at 7:45 – this is a path to bed so rapid that I don’t remember when last it was followed.

I had entertained her though; today I put a new battery into the stylus for my Microsoft Surface, and that allowed me to use Fresh Paint, the drawing application on the tablet, to make a picture for La Serpiente. Obviously, she asked for a robot and a purple turtle (what else do children ever request?) but I was quite proud that I managed to produce the goods for her. Perhaps if I do that every week, I’ll get quite good at it.

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