Swimming Lesson #12

For today’s lesson, I did a few laps of freestyle and then concentrated on my breaststroke. Things went better than last week: I (mostly) remembered how to kick, although I’m still struggling to sync up arms, legs and breathing.

The main things I focussed on today were using my arms to pull myself up to breathe (as opposed to trying to pull myself forward) and arching my back when I came up to breathe. Kick forward, glide, pull myself up out of the water, breathe, go under, kick again.

This was simpler to write than to do. I’d get my head up and forget to breathe, or I wouldn’t arch my back and so I’d sink even as I tried to get up to breathe, or I’d just lose all focus and fail to kick properly after the first time through this. But I think the biggest problem is the timing; too big a pause between breathing and kicking again. Going too fast sacrifices smoothness, but going too slow compromises smoothness too.

I can now manage about an entire lap of breaststroke though, with a lot of thrashing and hope. Not aesthetically pleasing, but a start.

Exhausted, I headed home, ready to sleep. Making progress, I think.

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