Swimming Lesson #4

Although with every photo I look more sketchy, I think I’m improving. My instructor asked me if I’d been practicing this week and that explained my increased competence, but I think it was the dual function of not having four cups of coffee before my lesson, and making a sustained effort not to tense up. Oh, and the goggles. The goggles were the best $15 I’ve spent in months; they aren’t painful to wear, and I can see clearly underwater, and after an hour in the pool my eyes aren’t stinging and refusing to focus. So that was nice.

Today we added freestyle to my repertoire, which has so far involved kicking lots, and a bit of doggy paddle. Things I didn’t do right to begin with:
* I forgot to kick. Every time you add something new, something old stops working.
* I didn’t realise the shoulder is a joint and not just a rigid mount for the arm, so when I swept my arms back, my whole body rotated and I looked right or left when I should have been going straight ahead
* … When I wasn’t forgetting to pull my arm out of the water when I was bringing it back. Yeah, shoulders are pretty useful.
* Or forgetting that your left arm doesn’t start work until your right arm is out in front: so to begin with my ‘freestyle’ was more like ‘frenzied thrashing’
Those things (mostly) fixed for, I can now get from one end of the pool to the other with a single breath, surprising myself how quickly I’d arrive. Towards the end, ambitious, I tried swimming there and back, which was only once completely in my grasp. Still, onwards and upwards.

I also did a bit of picking up things from the bottom of the pool, which involved more breathing out and then throwing yourself headfirst under the surface, which gave me one of those wierd zero-g which way is up and which is down? sensations. Which was interesting and freaked me out at the same time.

Now, two weeks in Europe where I can try to avoid forgetting all this, and then back on it.

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