Champagne and board games

You know you’re in trouble when there’s champagne and there’s no special occasion apart from it being Saturday night. I think back to my young drunken rampage through a gay club in Kings Cross, bankers to the left of me, bankers to the right of me, bottles of champagne everywhere… where did the money go?) Tonight was fairly calm; we put the kids into the hands of our babysitter and then fled to our friends’ place, avoiding all parental responsibility.

In hand we had two games, King of New York and Exploding Kittens. With the benefit of hindsight it is clear that nobody enjoys their first game of King of New York because nobody knows what the hell is going on – second time and beyond it’s great, but I wonder how they ever have any repeat business. Well, clearly it’s people like me, hypnotised by cool graphics and the thought of laying waste to a major city. (And, of course, Captain Fish.)
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Late start

I got up late this morning, then rushed out the door. In a bid to avoid the washing up, we went up the road to Ronin, which has the best eggs in town.

It also has a large square rectangular umbrella stand, which our daughter loves to stand inside, for no reason I can imagine. Put her in her cot at night and she’ll rage; place her in an umbrella stand, far from a supply of fresh scrambled eggs, and she’s abundantly happy.
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