Leaving Portugal for England

We left Foz do Arelho today and drove down to Peniche, a small outcrop of rock on the way to Lisbon. It was quite beautiful staring out at the Atlantic, but also it gave me horrendous vertigo to be on some rocks high above the crashing waves, so after we had enough pictures of the girls being cute, we drove back to the airport to drop the car off. Continue reading “Leaving Portugal for England”

Getting to Perth

Today was La Serpiente’s and Destroyer’s first visit to Australia; after last night’s TV marathon, they went straight to bed, so this morning we woke them up, hosed them down and then went off to the airport. We flew with Scoot, because they were cheap. Scoot fly 787s, which is cool, because I’ve never flown in one before (although I had been to the factory in Everett once – world’s largest building by volume, trivia fans) and also because they have these special windows that you can dim electronically, instead of pulling a blind down. (The dimming doesn’t happen instantaneously; at max dimness, the sky becomes a dark shade of blue and you’re like "that’s quite impressive, but not as useful as a proper blind"; but then five minutes later it’s opaque. I remember complaints when the 787s first flew commercially that the electronic window shading didn’t work; maybe the punters were just too impatient.) Continue reading “Getting to Perth”


Today I went to pick up a rental car for the week. I’d booked a full size car because of all the babies and baby paraphernalia we had, but I made the mistake of requesting a noon pick up, which meant when I arrived at 9am, driving licence in my hand, there were no toys on the lot for me. All I wanted was something with four wheels and seven hundred brake horsepower. But instead I has to go and wait three hours.

Continue reading “Trucks”