For my birthday, my wife gave me a very nice pair of shorts, which should last me a long time, and a copy of Andy Weir’s second novel, Artemis, which I read over the course of two days and hence hasn’t lasted me very long. So on average, well, averages turn out to be an unhelpful way to construe gratitude.
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The Disappearing Spoon

I’ve just finished reading The Disappearing Spoon, a book by Sam Kean about the periodic table. It’s a fun read, including such characters as the radioactive Boy Scout, David Hahn, amusing similes (a rhodium catalyst interacting with other molecules "like two obese animals trying to have sex") and the strangeness of things like the Bose-Einstein Condensate (which I can’t stop referring to as the Bose-Eisenstein Condensate, which involves great stereo headphones being cooled to absolute zero by a Russian film director).
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