Chopsticks, a whole lot of yelling, and bed rest

La Serpiente greeted me at the door this evening, brandishing a pair of chopsticks that she’s learning to use. She had both a swimming lesson and a music lesson today, so by 6:30 she was brutally tired and manic, alternating bouts of weepiness with demands that we sat with her and read her a book about guinea pigs. Then she cried a bit, and sat at her table singing Japanese songs. As I remarked to my wife, her Japanese singing might seem impressive for an almost-four year old, but it looked like she was reading the words. (Disengage sarcasm now…) Continue reading “Chopsticks, a whole lot of yelling, and bed rest”

Tummy time

Because we’re disorganised parents and have to pander to our firstborn, we don’t get as many opportunities to inflict tummy time on Butterball Destroyer.

For the non-parents among you, or those of you whose youngest children are more than a year old so you’ve had time to forget all about it, tummy time is when you torture your young child by lying it on its stomach. For the first few months, the child’s neck muscles aren’t strong enough for it to lift its head up, and you get the chance to jeer and laugh at your progeny’s pathetic attempts to pull its face out of the floor and look around.

Ahem. You aid your child’s development by making sure it gets a good amount of exercise for its neck muscles, so it is capable of looking around on its own and not having a head that flops everywhere at random.
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My daughter’s two new words today were "honey" and "mop". La Serpiente Aquatica Negra keeps pronouncing new vocabulary. Only last week she wasn’t saying "elbow" and now she’s progressing through body parts. She’s understood these for a long time (I was getting her to point to her eyes, chin, shoulders and feet a long time back) but it’s only recently that she’s started using these words.

She’s also started kissing us. Every night before she goes to bed, she has three different books to read, and then she gives each of us a hug and a kiss. A big open mouthed "mwaaah" on the cheek. For my wife, she adopts a more Continental approach, kissing her on alternate cheeks until she gets bored. For me she just leaves a big circle of saliva on my cheek, or clambers round and plants a big smacker on my mouth.
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Shouting At Art

Today we went back to Limehouse, the Caribbean bar where I drank so much on Christmas Day that I had to go home and be sick. It was also the first place where La Serpiente Negra ate solid food, and, four months and a day later, she marked another step forward by walking across the floor of the restaurant. I suppose that was actually six steps; at the time, I didn’t even really notice. I was busy ruminating on her resemblance to my paternal grandmother (it’s the grin, I think, or the lack of teeth at this point) so it was only in retrospect that I realized she’d beaten the goal I’d set for her, of walking before eleven months.

Satisfied with her performance, and because it was raining too much to go to the park, we went to the Singapore Art Museum instead.
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