The second day of our conference was today, and there was much less sitting in freezing rooms, listening to somebody talk. That was partly because I was standing up in a freezing cold room, making people listen to me talk about moats and walls and CPMs, and then later on we had a team building event where I performed a rap over a generic hiphop beat. I guess you had to be there. (My team was called "James’s Minions" which is terribly self-aggrandizing, but I didn’t even choose the name. Some people are born to egocentrism, some grow into it, and some have it thrust upon them.) Continue reading “Performances”

Another weakened weekend in Hong Kong

We got in late on Friday and had a couple of beers, and so on Saturday I revelled in the fact that I could sleep in past 9am, uninterrupted by children clambering into bed to demand cuddles/poke me in the eye with their diminutive fists. Hong Kong had been in the grip of a heatwave (33° temperatures) but that broke earlier this week and now it was overcast and rainy.

Of course, nobody adjusts their air con settings in light of this, so the dim sum joint we went to in Wan Chai was absolutely baltic, and no matter how much tea you drink you’re still shivering. I ate deep fried tofu, rice, and not much else, and after a few hours stumbled back out to the street.

The street in question, Hennessy Road, has a strange combination of bathroom furniture shops, 7-11s, upmarket restaurants, down-market restaurants, offices, bars full of hookers and bars for men to get alcoholically lubricated in before they hit the hooker bars. Oh, and some coffee shops.
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Other things happen

I volunteered at the East Coast parkrun today, which I rode to on my bike. The journey there was annoying; as usual there’s a lot of roadies out there, who’ll happily sit on your tail but won’t take turns in the draft, and then zoom off at unpredictable moments just when you want them to sit up front and take away some wind resistance. Going back is even worse; the air so still and thick with humidity it was like riding through soup. No breeze on my face from the wind ; just stationary air, hot and stuffy.
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The Day After The Night Before

I had an …. eventful night. My wife laughed at every remonstration and refused to get off the living room floor. Eventually I gave up, propped her up with a pillow, left her Destroyer’s water bottle to sip from, and wen track to bed. And after five minutes La Serpiente woke and came in to see me, and then after an unsuccessful attempt to get her back to sleep, I ended up lying on her floor until 6:45, 15 minutes after my alarm started going off. After all that, she declined to go to parkrun with me.
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A wedding in Singapore and thoughts on optimists

Today friends of ours got married, so we went to witness them at the Registry of Marriages (ROM) – which is next to the Registry of Muslim Marriages (ROMM). It’s a little strange; you wait inside a building with lots of hearts on the walls, and every fifteen minutes or so a bell chimes and a number comes up, rather like you’re waiting at the delicatessen counter of a supermarket to ask for some sliced meat. When our turn came up, we went into a well-lit room with lots of chairs and it took about 4 minutes for the person in charge to ask the questions (do you? do you too?) and then we left by another door. Which is efficient, if not especially romantic. Continue reading “A wedding in Singapore and thoughts on optimists”

Two track mind

After work today, I went out for beer with some of my co-workers, but that filled me with conflict as it’s also Wednesday night, which is track night, and I was having to choose between steamboat and running round an excessively damp and sweaty track. In the end I compromised, by not getting bent out of shape on beer and making a swift retreat to the National Stadium, to sober up and then run in circles for an hour.
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